National Day golden week daily passenger flow exceeds 100,000, the village by the Fuchun River grows popular again

October 08 20:45 2018

“I’ve never seen so many people come to our village!” Fuyang Dongziguan Village, that got famous for the most beautiful rural settlement houses in China, has become a must-visit spot during Golden Week for holdingThe Memory of Fuchun River with the best riverside cuisine  2018 Fuchun River Seafood Feast.”

The event organizers from Dongziguan Village told the reporter that they have anticipated the high visitor volume and have prepared a flexible traffic plan in advance. From 30th September to the end of the seafood feast on 7th October, temporary traffic control was taken in Dongziguan, instead, a transfer center was set up in Baizhangfang Industrial Park beside national highway 320, where visitors can take free shuttle bus to the village. As expected, the number of visitors reached 44,800 on 30th September and exceeded 100,000 on 1st October in this small village within 1200 residents.

The Fuchun River is not famous for its length nor run-off, but fishery resources. According to the records of Qiantang River Fish Resources, there were as many as 118 species of fish in the waters of Fuchun River. It is not surprising to see bigmouth grenadier anchovies, whose taste is comparable with longtail shad.  

Own to the abundant fishery resources, seasonal treats can be found all the year around. In the past, there was a timetable for eating fish in Dongziguan Village: cabbage perches in January, bigmouth grenadier anchovy in February, mandarin fish in March, shad in April, white fish in May, bream in June, eel in July, barbel in August, goldfish in September, grass carp in October, silver carp in November, and black carp in December.

Freshwater seafood is no doubt the main role of the feast. In the warm-up stage of the event, the organizer of the seafood feast announced a solicitation of best Fuchun River seafood cuisine, that the top 12 cuisine would be decided by online votes and the expert opinions from Fuyang Restaurant Association and the District Fishery Administration. As a result, the list of Fuchun’s Twelve Seafood Cuisines was unveiled at the opening ceremony of the seafood feast on the evening of 30th September, which referred to steamed white perch, Fuchun River hairy crab, onion oil bream fish, clay pot catfish, steamed fish pot, saltwater shrimp, steamed bigmouth grenadier anchovy, chilli fish head, steamed river eel, steamed tongue sole fish, braised silver sillago, braised grouper and yellow clam snail soup. It was worth mentioning that a special cuisine, steamed river shad, was titled to memorize the extinct shad in Fuchun River.

“Next, we will continue to develop the seafood culture of Fuchun River, promote the seafood cuisine as a brand of Fuyang city, as well as help local people increase income,” said the organizer of the seafood feast.

During the feast, the most enjoyable thing was to witness and taste the first huge pot of best seafood cooked by the village chef. People have already started drooling at the sight of fresh seafood from the Fuchun River put into a 1.5-meter-diameter pot with firewood under it. In Dongziguan Village, not only the chef, almost everyone can cook great tasting seafood because the fish itself is delicious enough after simply steamed or simmered with a bit sugar, garlic, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce and so on. In this picturesque village, it is common to see people enjoy their lunch with fresh fish from Fuchun River and homemade wine, accompanied by river breeze and mountain scenery. This laid-back life style is attracting more and more city dwellers.

The highlight of the seafood feast should be the grand seafood banquet. The hospitable villagers set tables in the old wharf, the garden of Xu’s family, Changtang hall, Dongziguan fish market, the village committee basketball court and some locals’ houses. All the cuisines are made with fresh fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood. Considering the large amount of seafood provided for visitors during the whole feast, the event organizers have ordered a lot of seafood from local fishermen. To guarantee the freshness and good taste, every piece of seafood could be traced to the relevant fisherman. “Visitors are very satisfied, and our business is booming every day.” Said the person in charge of catering business.

Another highlight was the fascinating night view. Visitors could enjoy Changtang moonlit night, one of the eight scenes of Dongziguan. Besides, the Dongziguan lighting project has been completed before this National Day holidays. Lighting effects emphasized the peaceful atmosphere in the central area of Changtang pond, the beautiful rural settlement houses and Fuchun riverbank. No wonder people were reveled in the enchanting light scenery of the houses, pavilions and terraces surrounded by water.

Moreover, a series of entertainments and events were arranged during the seafood feast, including a starry sky reading festival, a small country concert, the Changkou food festival, a Yue opera performance in Yue Shi Temple, Experts Fishing lessons, the Fuchun River fishing exchange meeting, the world champion skipping rope performance from Chankou primary school. Through these colorful events, Dongziguan, the old village of more than 1,500- year history, is refreshing and back to prosperity again.

“We’ve been working on making our hometown Fuyang the most beautiful demonstration area to reproduce the landscape of the famous Chinese ancient painting – the Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain, so we organized the seafood feast in expectation of making Dongziguan Village become a window to display the attractiveness of Fuyang. Meanwhile, the beautiful historical village could develop tourist economy and achieve rural revitalization by holding events like seafood feast,” the feast organizer said.

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