CoolChain: Aiming To Reshape The Trust Value

October 10 19:55 2018

The year 2018 is the first year in which public chain development is being witnessed. In this year, application and technology development have advanced rapidly and blockchain technology is accelerating and making innovations. As it rapidly develops, the characteristics of globalization are also visible. However, there is need for the blockchain field to urgently address the technical bottlenecks in the industry so as to build a basic service development platform that keeps pace with the times, ensures the technological advantages of the blockchain platform and has sustainable development capabilities.

In this generation where public blockchain is being explored, “CoolChain” stands out, having gotten rid of the inherent single chain system in previous times, it is a chain network formed by connecting multiple business chains through building a public service chain based on the chain matrix model. This chain network system makes a special level expansion with a better effect to divide different tasks in different forms and make corresponding expansions and connections with different protocol groups. Different chains can equally support other chain network systems and structures with a series of protocol groups, which greatly increases the versatility and professionalism of blockchain applications.

The “CoolChain” trust network has established a distributed and integrated trust system that amalgamates trust diversity under an integrated protocol system. The network incorporates multiple-source identity authentication and multiple-source information exchange protocols to provide open basic modules for different distributed application scenarios which bring about a distributed point-to-point trust system and build a distributed trust foundation system with across chains, systems, industries, applications and terminals.

It is worth mentioning that in the “CoolChain Network”, the various protocol layers that have been implemented are adaptable to major domestic and international protocol standards and systems: such as the support of distributed entity identity protocol for international distributed identity authentication protocol; the support of the national secret system and other cryptographic signature system protocols in cryptographic signature protocol; the support for international user authorization data transaction protocols in the distributed data exchange system etc., which provide the architecture necessary for openness and standard, and support for wider follow-up, ecological cooperation and expansion.

The CoolChain network is more than a basic public blockchain platform. As a chain network system, it is capable of integrating multiple blockchain or non-blockchain systems enabling them to portray their respective characteristics and realize their own values in the system. The CoolChain network is committed to integrating real and virtual trust to create a new “trust ecology” after achieving technical, legal and community trust.

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