Mindstir Media author Caroline Reme launches children’s book “Jasmine Hates Wash Hair days!”

October 11 17:25 2018

Mindstir Media is proud to announce that Jasmine Hates Wash Hair Days! is now available in both ebook and paperback formats worldwide. 

Jasmine Hates Wash Hair Days! tells the story of five-year-old Jasmine and the difficulty she has with her unruly, curly hair. She expresses to her mother of her dislike of the whole process of washing, detangling, and conditioning of the hair. Even styling Jasmine’s thick curly hair was a big no-no because of the use of a comb. Having to comb her hair and taking out all of the tangles is a miserable experience. Jasmine would rather do something else. With the gentle help of Jasmine’s mother, Jasmine begins to see her beautiful hair that was transformed. The process was long and hard but the end result was nothing but spectacular. Jasmine learns to love her beautiful curly thick hair. 

Jasmine Hates Wash Hair Days! is available in ebook and softcover at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram.

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