October 19 02:30 2018

Retired from Sports provides professional athletes with the very best personal development programs, through which they can become successful leaders and winners in the future. Their customized coaching and consulting program focuses on what you need to keep winning at life. They learn about you and then show you how you can develop your skills and strengths to keep you one step ahead while you create your new life.

As a professional NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB athlete, you stand to lose a lot when you retire. Coaches, agents and business managers all move on and it can feel like you are left without support, purpose or your identity and, in some cases, without money but the great news is, it doesn’t have to turn out that way. Life will throw you curve balls, but there is no reason why you can’t hit a home run in the game and out of it.

How do you hit that home run? It’s all in the preparation, having the right resources and a solid game plan. With Retired From Sports, you always have someone in your corner helping you to set yourself on the right track for your future while you’re still playing. Your success doesn’t have to end when your sporting career does.

Their programs are created to help you discover your interests and turn them into marketable skills that will keep you successful and at the top, in whatever industry you choose. Your extraordinary life may have begun as a pro athlete, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Pro Athlete Retirement Coaching helps you to effectively manage and maintain your energy, Focus on goals and results. They have a customized game plan designed just for you where you can discover what you need to excel in the next phase of your life and stay a winner. You always need a game plan on or off the field and the sooner you put that plan into action, the faster you will succeed.

Their coaching program host many distinguished speaker including Maura, a Money expert and owner of O’Flynn Financial Consulting, Brandon Leopoldus who is a Los Angeles based attorney working with current/retired athletes and entertainers across the country on every aspect of their legal and business needs, Shirin Hart who is a therapist who  support people on living healthy and fulfilling lives, Billy works with high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families, providing a high caliber of service to satisfy their wealth management need, Anne Marie is a college counselor practitioner that specializes in career counseling, Karen Liz Albert, is a Social Media expert, speaker, and owner of Behind Your Curtain and many more.

They Focus on the steps you need to take to get you closer to your goals, find out what is important to you, discover what is needed to get you in a winning position, discuss what resources will be needed, clarify the challenges you face and what the solutions are, Identify and assess your skills, Set clear goals and create a plan of action

At Retired from Sports, they know what you need to thrive in your new career; they give it to you straight and get you on the right track.


Retired from Sports was founded by Lorenda Phillips. She is a business and pro athlete retirement coach and consultant, whose Master’s Certification in Coaching from ICF and nearly 20 years of experience, puts her in a unique position to help pro athletes carry on a successful career long after their retirement from the game.

With her structured assessments and coaching, retired pro players are able to use their experience and talent to create rich and fulfilling lives, in which they can thrive financially and be proud of their success – both on and off the field.

Lorenda Phillips has been a transition and business coach for over 18 years, coaching thousands of professionals to do better and be happier in their lives. She is passionate about her work with professional, major league athletes. Lorenda sees these men as leaders in their retirement, as they were while playing because they have what it takes to be successful on the field and when their playing days are long over.

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