World Of Warcraft Classic Is Not Just a Game For The Nostalgic

September 05 11:04 2019
World Of Warcraft Classic Is Not Just a Game For The Nostalgic

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Those players who used to play The Burning Crusade have grown up, and it is difficult for them to find the friends who played WOW together before. The nostalgia reminded them of the days when they fought side by side, and they were eager to return. Finally, Blizzard brought it back again, the recreation Classic was announced in Blizzcon 2017, and since then, the players can not wait to expect the summer days 15 years ago, create a character and choose a class for it as in the past.

A week ago, Blizzard officially released all the details of World of Warcraft Classic, which quickly caused overcrowded players to flood into the servers with enthusiasm and excitement. And so far, someone has completed most of the challenges and hit the 60-level limit.

Undeniably, such many players are pouring into the game with nostalgia, because the past version makes them very comfortable, and they just wanted to re-experience Vanilla WOW days again.

As early as the character name reservation released by Blizzard, a large number of players have been queued for more than ten hours on the server. In order to deal with the trouble well, the developing team quickly added additional servers to accommodate more players. Fortunately, it went well on the release day.

However, we still received some complaints from players who have been in WOW Classic for a few days, although it was the same as the past one, it does not bring enough happiness and satisfaction.

From the day when WOW Classic was planned, it was associated with nostalgia. As early as 13 years ago, there were not more games like WOW that allowed you and your friends to venture into the dungeons to complete the quests together and get rewarded. But it is too common to meet in current game market.

In order to make you not so lonely in Azeroth, you will have a lot of friends running with you on a server, without so many players, no so many fancy skills when defeating the bosses at that time. When spending too much time in farming WOW Classic Gold, it is easy to ignore something important.

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So, can World of Warcraft Classic really bring those old players back to the past days? Obviously, it is impossible, but why would someone fall in love with this game? At the game time as nostalgia, it may bring some new and different emotions.

The gameplay in WOW Classic looks much simpler, players can complete the challenges with more modern equipment. In the past Battle for Azeroth, you might have disturbed by many system arrangements, some of which are difficult to deal with. But in WOW Classic, players can borrow almost all kinds of power to solve all problems, which seems to make players more relaxed.

WOW Classic has achieved unprecedented success, even before the game was released, 2 million players have created characters, and a large number of fans have jumped into the new option from WOW.

More than a decade has passed, and the old players can re-experience the similar game scenes, gameplay and maps, but more changes have been increased in WOW Classic, Azeroth is not the past one we think about day and night.

It is not the first time to queue up for a long time before logging into the servers, especially in the period when technology was not fast-developing, it is strange that the people are more likely to stay in front of the computer and constantly enter passwords to try to log in, just like in several years ago.

It was impossible to return to Azeroth in 2006, more content is still worth to expect in WOW Classic, but the truth that you have to accept is that:

The game we liked is coming back, but those happy days and those who made us happy will never come back. WOW Classic is just a new game.

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