Disputing & Beating Parking Tickets With A Chatbot

September 12 02:21 2019
Founder, Joshua Browser said: “It all started when I turned 18 in the U.K. and got a huge number of parking tickets. I didn’t have any money, so I trolled through all of these obscure government documents and began writing appeal letters. Then I realized, as a programmer, that this is the perfect job for software.”
DoNotPay, the critically acclaimed chatbot lawyer featured in CBS, NBC, NYPost helps people appeal and win parking tickets. DoNotPay allows users to appeal their parking citations from their iPhone or web browser.

Receiving a parking ticket is one of the most frustrating moments in a day, and many US and UK citizens struggle with hefty fees and unclear regulations when it comes to disputing them. DoNotPay, the first robot lawyer app powered by AI, published an extensive guide on challenging any parking infraction, after having hundreds of thousands of parking tickets disputed in the US and the UK.

DoNotPay’s team claims that contesting a parking ticket is always worth the hassle, as long as the drivers are aware of the steps they need to take. Luckily, the app guide users through the dispute in just a few minutes, using a chatbot, so even people intimidated by legal procedures can appeal their infractions in no time.

It is important to remember that providing evidence of one’s innocence is imperative in parking citation cases, as well as collecting witness statements (if any), providing photos of the citation itself, as well as the parked vehicle. If the citation is illegible, torn, if any information is incorrect or missing, or if the street signage was unclear or worn out, an infraction can and should be challenged.

Citations issued by private parking companies can also be disputed, and one should know that they do not need a lawyer to challenge their infractions. 

Some of the risks involved when ignoring the accumulating tickets include the increment of the original fee, having the vehicle booted, credit score going down, and inability to renew the vehicle registration. However, these cases are rare. Even if the wind or an unfriendly Samaritan takes the ticket off the windshield, most cities will reach out via mail at least once, which gives the drivers plenty of time to dispute their tickets and save their money.

DoNotPay made this process quick and easy, and users that have used the app to appeal their citations say that it only took them around two minutes to gather all the evidence, go through the process, and submit their dispute.

The price of a parking ticket in the United States can skyrocket to over $300, and cities make hundreds of millions of dollars in parking tickets alone. DoNotPay helps the citizens lower their expenses by providing them with an easy way to dispute their infractions, and save their time and money for more important things.

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