K-Range Knives, The Best Quality Knives with Sandvik Steel. Now on Kickstarter

October 09 22:21 2019

Crane Cookware, in Collaboration with Matthew Hilton Studio, Designs Professional Knives for the Home Cook That Are a Cut Above the Rest!

The kitchen knife is the most important tool in any kitchen, especially for a good cook. While having the right ingredients is essential to cook a tasty meal, having high-quality tools makes the process a lot easier. Matthew Hilton Studio, together with Crane Cookware, has come up with a design for a sleek, stylish, and an incredibly sharp knife. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to crowdfund the mass production of the K-Range Knives.

There is no single best kitchen knife for every person. The preferences vary in grip, styles, aesthetic taste, and even your budget. But one thing’s for sure; the best kitchen knife is one that is versatile enough to handle multiple cutting tasks in the kitchen. This was the idea behind the K-Range Knives that we have designed in collaboration with Matthew Hilton Studio. We wanted to design a kitchen knife that both professionals and home-cooks could use.” – Charmain Ponnuthurai, Crane Cookware

The K-Range Knives set features a premium quality chef’s knife, a paring/utility knife, and a bread knife. All knives are manufactured using premium Swedish steel and boast of seamless design. 

As a studio, we all have a keen interest in tools. Tools are pragmatic in their design and functional in use, and a good tool should last a lifetime. We set out to design a family of knives with a common aesthetic that didn’t compromise on function. Most standard chef’s knives have a blade length of about 20cm, which we thought was slightly too cumbersome. We believed that a slightly shorter blade would be better adapted to everyday use, more comfortable and better balanced in hand. We decided on a blade length of 170mm for an all-purpose chef knife. This provides enough length and plenty of control at the tip for precision cutting on the chopping board. A slightly deeper blade height allows the knife to be sharpened for years to come without compromising on function in use.” 

The K-Range Knives have been constructed using premium quality Sandvik Steel blade, also known as Swedish steel and a solid handle that allows people to use both traditional and pinch grips with ease. The pared-down handle and blade shapes of these knives offer the ultimate in authentic ergonomic design, which makes them stand out from other knives that have been designed for the kitchen. The final version of the K-Range was finalized after months of research, brainstorming and 3D prints to find the perfect design for the knives.

“We are offering a set of three postcards of the design, printed in the UK at FE Burman on 350gsm Colorplan paper for those who pledge £15 or more. Also available is a limited-edition A3 print, signed by Matthew Hilton and screen-printed in the UK at Harvey Lloyd on 350gsm Colorplan paper. Backers will receive one of three randomly selected colors. We are also offering the B1 chopping board. Designed in 2018, made from a single solid piece of walnut, included in the ‘Knife and Board Set’ as well as on its own for those who pledge £390 and more. We’d also appreciate it if you could share the link to our Kickstarter campaign on social media to help us spread the word.”

The company has prototyped and tested the knives in the factory that will be making the knives and has promised to keep all those who support them informed on any bottlenecks or fulfillment issues during the production phase. The estimated delivery date is December 2019, and the knives can be shipped to all countries of the world. 

About the Matthew Hilton Studio & Crane

Matthew Hilton Studio is a London-based design office. The studio works on a wide range of furniture and lighting fixtures, including product design.  

Crane is a British microbrand specializing in the design and manufacture of performance tools and accessories for the modern everyday kitchen and table. 

Both companies aim to deliver progressive products that perform and integrate into everyday life in as natural a way as possible. The companies have been responsible for designing an extensive collection of furniture and have collaborated to design the K-Range Knives, which is a premium quality chef’s knife, a paring/utility knife, and a bread knife that offers superb quality and efficiency with every cut. 

To support this Kickstarter campaign visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crane-k1-k2-k3/k1-k2-k3?ref=1d1n7l

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