BYU Bio Juices: all-natural juice in unique, convenient cans for on-the-go lifestyles

October 09 22:27 2019

BYU Bio Juices assure all-natural healthy energizing juices that are free from chemicals, artificial colors and also taste better than regular beverages. Bio Juices even come in a unique anytime pop-and-close packaging. 

No more damaging your health with chemical-loaded sodas. No more resorting to juices which are “synthesized” to taste like real juices. A Maastricht based company, BYU, just introduced its new-age “all-natural” juices on Indiegogo that are deliciously natural, refreshing, energizing and devoid of sugar and artificial colors. Titled “BYU (Be Yourself Unique) Bio Juices,” these juices even come in an innovative canned packaging that duly complements the modern busy on-the-go lifestyles.

BYU Bio Juices are 100% natural beverages and are entirely made from real fruits only to ensure the “real” sweetness of fruits and also safe and healthy for the consumers. No artificial sweetners of colorants, but an all natural ingredients list.

“We are excited to bring you our new-age collection of deliciously natural juices that will not only quench your thirst but will also support you with a solid burst of energy and safe health. We know the market is flooded with sodas filled with chemicals and juices laden with artificial colors. Both are dangerous for health and the reasons for many serious ailments today. We wanted to change the scenario with our new all-natural juices that assure the sweetness of ‘real’ fruit and take care of your health as well. Unlike other juices that make it harder to comprehend the ingredients on the label given the presence of numerous chemicals – BYU Bio Juices enable you to easily pronounce the ingredients on its label as these contain just the fruits and no synthetic chemicals”, stated Radu I. Toderoiu, founder of BYU Bio Juices.

Added to assuring all-natural healthy juices, BYU Bio Juices also ensure a convenient packaging for easy consumption of users. With traditional canned juices, one can open the cans only for once, and then the can can’t be closed for later consumption. As a result, the user has to finish the drink then and then only, and he can’t save it for later. But BYU Bio Juices relive users from all such woes. Its unique canned packaging enables users to open, close, re-open, and re-close at his or her convenience. 

“Our natural juices come in innovative easy canned packaging that you can pop, un-pop, and pop again as per your preference and needs. We know you are busy and always on-the-go, and here you have a beverage that won’t force you to tamper with your routine for a gulp of energy. It’s just the energy juice that we all have been waiting for. At present, we are working hard to bring BYU to the global market, and that calls for huge investments for mixing, packaging, marketing, and distributing BYU Bio Juice. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will help us to bring this much-awaited juice to the world and make lives better.”

BYU Bio Juices can be consumed anytime, as per the convenience of the users.

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