F-one the Don, the Underground King of Comedy Rap, Planning to Tour in Summer 2020

November 05 21:32 2019

November 5, 2019 – F-one the Don is on the roll. The king of comedy rap will be going on a busy tour coming Summer 2020, and fans should be on the lookout for some crazy stuff this season.

F-one the Don is like no other artist ever to rap. He is unique, he is underground, and he is un-imitable. They call him the Faceless Rapper, for no one has ever seen his real face, but rumor has it that he looks just like the megastar 50 Cents.

Here is F-one the Don in his unique freestyle singing:


Those who are wondering about his whereabouts, F-one the Don has undergone a year of improving upon himself, networking with some great people, and making many appearances in Coast2Coast mixtapes.

In the past since 2010, F-one the Don has nurtured a massive fanbase, especially on MySpace, YouTube and Soundclick. He has released multiple singles as well.

Everyone has heard of ‘Clap Beats’, the new style and a new kind of beats invented by F-one the Don. One of his songs went on to feature on the famous Worldstar hiphop site.

Recently, F-one the Don has released two free mixtapes, “02/01” and “Revenge”. His new album, ‘Da Faceless’ and ‘Warrior Spirit’ is eagerly awaited.

F-one the Don has the swag because he is a ‘Complete’ artist, as he has mastered songwriting, audio production, mastering, mixing, and he’s also a video director.

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