Great health ecology of ghe: building a new driving force for the development of digital medical economy

November 12 21:54 2019

Through distributed storage public chain and smart contract technology, ghe large health ecosystem designs products from the key perspectives of reliable source, safe storage, convenient use, sharing and incentive of health data, builds a one-stop service platform for holographic digital human, distributed community and health market, promotes digital asset of personal health data and doctor’s diagnosis and treatment data, and generates health data through ghe economy State digital public chain promotes transaction and circulation, empowers the main chain of certificate, data main network and multiple data side chains, breaks through the data barriers between hospital electronic medical record, personal information outside the hospital, medical app and intelligent health hardware, and drives the prosperity of digital health industry. Under the background of the rapid growth of global medical and health industry, digital medical economy is becoming a new driving force in today’s society. The construction of ghe platform will share the great health ecological achievements with the technology and platform content builders of digital economy, and achieve multilateral win-win.


With the help of blockchain technology, ghe is committed to building a public chain of personal health data, establishing personal health files, developing safe and controllable health applications, supporting the development of precision medicine and artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment, and the sharing network of medical data based on platform, distributed medical community network, and rich medical service supply system, so that each user can enjoy their own health data The right of property management, more importantly, the circulation of its pass in the public chain of ghe itself, is safe and reliable, making all kinds of services and transactions more convenient and low-cost. At the same time, under the new blockchain ecological mode, ghe has built a smart contract programming environment with token and container docker as the core, a blockchain data network and a rich and perfect development extension interface for the ecological partners, providing a more convenient DAPP development platform for the application of each ecological partner.

In order to facilitate users to use blockchain products and services, in addition to the traditional mechanism of client generation and storage, ghe also expands to provide two solutions, namely network managed access and U-Key hardware access. Through multiple encryption processing technology, it provides the most secure protection for data privacy. Its token system can also meet the needs of ghe ecological partners to register, issue and manage digital assets on the platform, and provide diversified services and transactions in various fields such as health ledger, health wallet, health market, mobile health care, health insurance, common care community, etc. Not only that, ghe’s Cross Chain Protocol and powerful computing power ensure the needs of multi chain data exchange and data interaction, thus deriving more business models and business forms.

Ghe ecosystem has a wide range of application prospects in the medical industry, and through its blockchain technology solutions, it can solve the ownership, dominance and income ownership of data in the fields of personal health record, AI assisted medical care, drug research and development, gene research, medical insurance, disease prediction, telemedicine, combination of medical care and maintenance, medical policy assisted decision-making, etc., and in the data public chain Under the regulation of incentive mechanism and distribution mechanism, data value transmission can be realized.

In the near future, the digital health care economic ecology will take a new step on the basis of GHE, including but not limited to personal health big data rights and interests management, medical AI intelligent services, medical supply chain, medical insurance, etc. The ghe public chain will continue to develop new products and services, and realize medical value and Commercial value. Looking at the present and looking forward to the future, the new ecological driving force of the great health industry chain, ghe leads you to brilliant! 

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