New Zealand BEGGI in 2019 Shanghai International Fair became the focus of the event

November 12 22:12 2019

The absence of a convincing domestic brand to cure this disease baffles 300 million patients in China who suffer from rhinitis. To transform this industry into a more functional one, specialists of this industry in China will have to borrow experience from international experts. On November 5, 2019, the second International Import Expo of China was held in Shanghai. The most excellent brand of curing rhinitis in New Zealand, BEGGI, was presented at the Expo. The world’s first applied nose cream, the Rhinogenie was introduced, this product was extremely popular in China. Other remarkable technologies concerning nostril health including the world’s first smart and warm mask and the world’s first nose protecting water were made known as well. It is reported that as the most popular international brand of nose care in the Chinese market in 2019, debut of BEGGI not only drew attention from rhinitis association in China that groups were especially sent there for investigation, but also facilitated business transactions worth tens of millions and contracts were signed on the spot. The enthusiasm in domestic rhinitis market was remarkable.

At the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the crowded and busy scene was noticeable within exhibition area of New Zealand, big brands Including Fonterra, New Zealand and BEGGI were presented and introduced. BEGGI enjoyed the highest popularity compared with other products as the most excellent brand of rhinitis in New Zealand. A serried collection of all products from BEGGI family was displayed in the peripheral exhibition area, merchants worldwide crowded inside for more knowledge related to products. 

At the exhibition site, a mother tried the core product of BEGGI – rhinogenie cream on her children under the instructions of workers. “It’s different from what other applied creams of rhinitis. Smaller than lipstick, it can easily fit in the children’s pencil box, kids can learn to use it quickly without instructions,” the mother spoke her opinion after the first try. 

Industry insiders told reporters that BEGGI would build its reputation in Chinese market this year. The imported nose cream originated from New Zealand has made a conquer in Chinese market, its unparalleled position is manifested in persistent recommendation from major purchasing groups and celebrities of self media, it’s especially popular in the children’s market.

In the exhibition reporters noticed that in addition to the classic Rhinogenie series, a number of new products of BEGGI from New Zealand exclusively developed by the global laboratory Including the world’s first intelligent temperature mask and nose protecting water were introduced as well. BEGGI nose care water contains New Zealand’s national treasure ingredients Manuka honey, active sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera extract which are mixed at a perfect portion according to a scientific formula. MSA molecule is used to sterilize, moisturize and repair the nasal cavity, which can deracinate the issue of dry nose itching and burning and preempt many nasal problems in the beginning. 

The first intelligent temperature sensitive mask of BEGGI in the world is very different from the traditional mask which can merely proof dust. With the latest temperature control technology of New Zealand, it can retain temperature at 38 degrees to generate heat and keep chillness away. Among them, the intelligent temperature sensitive system can continuously release warm steam when it is taken, isolate the respiratory tract from the outside cold air and relieve users from worrying about the discomfort of the nose and mouth caused by the contrast in temperature when outside in winter. This mask can generate water vapor heat flow besides heat, alleviate the symptoms of dry, yellow and peeling skin in autumn and winter and retain moisture all the time. These remarkable technologies from New Zealand attracted a lot of attention on the first day of the opening.

The reporter learned that during this exhibition, some local rhinitis associations specially organized a group to investigate BEGGI and learn from New Zealand’s advanced nose care experience. “I didn’t expect that New Zealand enterprises have made such remarkable advance in the field of nose care. They are not only innovative in terms of method of external application to cure rhinitis, but also assiduous and professional in innovation and research of products related to nose care.” Mr Wang, a owner of a rhinitis clinic in Ningbo for more than 20 years, spoke his opinion after the investigation.

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