IGW Global Gaming Ecological Alliance, a pan-community game platform based on blockchain native

November 12 22:30 2019

The game is considered to be a highly compatible field with the blockchain industry, and both the game and the blockchain are promising, especially after the blockchain has risen to China’s national strategy, and long-term policy benefits will be relevant to the blockchain. The industry brings more attention, and continued influx of talent, capital, and traditional industry resources.

The global games market has broad prospects, and the market pain points cannot be ignored.

According to the “2019 GLOBAL GAMES MARKET” data, at the end of 2019, the global games market can reach $152.1 billion, and at the end of 2022, it can reach $196 billion. The prospect is quite broad.

However, many of the ills of the traditional games market have become increasingly prominent.The oligopoly of game makers, the depreciation of virtual assets, the islanding effect between games, and the opacity of game rules have become a stumbling block to the development of games; the blockchain games that are currently appearing are not really meaningful games, and most of them cannot be operated at the blockchain terminal, cross-platform transactions are not possible, no supporting development tools are provided, operating development costs are not reduced, and commercial value is extremely low.

The birth of IGW

The emergence of IGW broke the bottleneck of the existing traditional games market and the blockchain games market.


IGW is committed to creating a pan-community game platform based on the blockchain native, aggregating game players, game content producers, developers, digital asset traders and other pan-community members to provide gamers with high-quality game content for development, provide complete game development module, data service and traffic support, and no intermediate fees, users can use the platform pass IGC for free trading and cross-chain circulation of game digital assets.

Three technical highlights make IGW stand out

IGW adopts a layered technology architecture, and each level has its own functions and organic combination, which ensures the stable and efficient operation of the platform system.

IGW has three major technical highlights.Pluggable consensus mechanism: IGW adopts pluggable consensus mechanism to support RAFT, IBFT and DPOS mechanisms to switch freely, ensure fast transaction confirmation and stable system operation; high compatibility smart contract: IGW adopts high compatibility IGC- WHAS-1221 protocol, two-way SSL certificate authentication and formalized verification of smart contract virtual machine, can achieve cross-contract acceptance; efficient and stable development tools: IGW provides IGW Storm to provide developers with one-click self-built network and one-click connection test The network function will also fully support the development tools of the jetbrain series, no need to pay the processing fee.

Core business model to build a complete ecological closed loop

IGW through the platform IGC links the game ecological upstream and downstream industry chain nodes, support each node through IGW stable currency for convenient payment, support one-button OTC acceptance, perfect solution to platform and cross-platform payment issues; support players, game developers Free trading of virtual game assets, data services, etc.; support B-side enterprises to purchase advertising display services through IGW’s SSP/DSP advertising platform, obtain massive users, sell more products; Support game developers to globally distribute one-click games through IGW core infrastructure platform, help game developers achieve results transformation, and make the whole ecosystem form a perfect closed loop.

IGW Global Game Ecology Alliance

In order to create a pan-community global game ecosystem, IGW launched the Global Game Ecology Alliance program.

Through the IGW Alliance Governance Committee, 21 Super Nodes and N developer trusted nodes, N player Sub-Nodes to achieve hierarchical governance, through the game trading platform to achieve ecological traffic sharing, one-click global distribution and game asset exchange, promote game ecology prosper.

After the British, Japanese and Korean,IGW added Dubai Super Node

The IGW establishes distributed super nodes globally through node campaigning and admission mechanisms.In addition to China’s Super Nodes, it has also reached strategic partnerships with UK LCSH, Korea Mobile Games Association and Japan Global Systems, all of which have become IGW’s overseas super nodes.

Today, the IGW SuperNode plans to take another step and has initially reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Dubai node, which will soon establish a Dubai Super Node. Dubai’s ambitions in the blockchain cannot be underestimated. The UAE government not only cooperates with IBM to establish the Dubai blockchain platform, but also holds the World Expo in 2020. At that time, the most cutting-edge technology will be unveiled here, and in the blockchain. In the area, IGW will also appear.

Ranked on the NASDAQ big screen

IGW’s pan-community is aimed at global users and enterprises. With the establishment of overseas super nodes, more and more members of the pan-community,IGW’s global influence and appeal are also constantly improving.


Recently, IGW has been listed on the NASDAQ Grand Screen in New York Times Square, showing the technological strength and brand value in the world’s most watched commercial core  locations. The information broadcast on the NASDAQ Grand Screen often attracts the attention of media giants such as BBC, Reuters, and Xinhua News Agency. This will enable more people to understand the IGW Global Game Ecology Alliance and attract more members to join the ecological construction of IGW.

In the future, IGW will steadily advance the global game alliance program, export a new model of blockchain games, expand the global market, become a pioneer explorer in the blockchain game industry, and strive to “re-establish the game through the technology and concept of blockchain”. The mission of the new order of the industry is to show the world the infinite possibilities of blockchain games development.

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