Why Ageing Populations are Leading More People Than Ever to Cosmetic Dentistry

November 21 14:22 2019

The ageing population in many parts of the world has posed numerous challenges for the economy, housing and health services. Medical and dental services face particular strain from the increased demand from a greater number of older people who are more likely to suffer multiple age-related conditions. The quality of oral health has been strongly linked to advanced age and with many older people outnumbering children, the demand for services such as cosmetic dentistry is only going to grow further.

The ageing population has also been cited as a reason for the major growth forecast in the dental devices market from 2019 to 2024. Dental devices play a central role in the delivery of cosmetic dentistry, such as dental implants and crowns and bridges. With older people far more likely to have lost teeth due to age, there is an obvious opportunity for further substantial growth in demand for dental implants in particular.

How cosmetic dentistry improves oral health

Cosmetic dentistry procedures, including bonding and veneers to alter the appearance of existing teeth, can improve the health of current teeth as well as replace those that have been lost. Good oral health is vital in avoiding tooth decay and gum disease, which can have many unforeseen consequences such as advanced gum disease that leads to more severe health conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Replacing missing teeth through the use of bridges or dentures does much more than boost a person’s self confidence with their appearance. This form of cosmetic dentistry plays a vital part in maintaining the shape of a person’s face, where the cheeks can otherwise sink in because of the spaces created by missing teeth. Another problem posed by missing teeth is that the remaining teeth can start to drift around the mouth, so dental implants can prevent this by shoring up gaps.

Speaking and chewing food can also be impacted by missing teeth. If left untreated over time, a person’s bite pattern can become misaligned where upper and lower teeth no longer come together properly when the mouth is closed. This can cause great pain in the jaw and lead to other teeth becoming crooked.

Why finding a quality dentist makes the difference

When cosmetic dentistry goes wrong, it is painful and also costly to the practitioner involved. Like all healthcare professionals, dentists are bound by regulations and laws to deliver safe and quality care to patients. This is why it pays to seek out a trusted expert in cosmetic dentistry.

“Cosmetic dentistry is key in giving people their smile back and in a lot of cases it can make them look younger,” says a spokesperson for Thornhill Dental Office, an Ontario-based dental clinic offering cosmetic dentistry treatments. “But it is also important to ensure care is delivered in a safe and reliable way, with customized treatments that are going to benefit each patient the most.”

Thornhill Dental Office also carry out teeth whitening, which can be done at the surgery or via a take-home kit, and dental veneers, which are specifically moulded for individual teeth that may have become crooked or damaged. For people with missing teeth, the clinic also offers a choice between permanent dental implants and the more temporary bridges and crowns.

About Thornhill Dental Office

Thornhill Dental Office opened in 2009 and since then has treated thousands of patients. It provides a mix of traditional dental services to maintain good oral health and cosmetic treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth and mouths.  

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