“Global Trends in Digital Assets” conference was held in New York

November 21 20:57 2019
BitDATA Announced the launch of Aggregated Trade 2.0 during the conference.

The conference of “Exploring Trends of Global Digital (Crypto) Assets Market” hosted by BitDATA was held successfully at the Harvard Club in New York on November 11. The meeting attracted globally more than 100 experts and scholars of blockchain and digital assets, as well as technical experts and opinion leaders. The attendees had an in-depth discussion on the following hot issues: the integration of blockchain and the real economy, industry development opportunities and trends.

The attendees of this event include: a famous angel investor and an early investor in Bitcoin — Jeffery, the Executive Director-General of WBO — Yehoshua Westover, the CEO of Global Digital Exchange Alliance (GDX) — Edward, the CEO of BitDATA — Ken, the CSO of BitDATA – Dr. David Yan, DDAM Technical Advisor — William Yao, the CEO of KIROBO — Aaf Naim, the Pan-Asia Capital Partner – Brother Dong, etc.

The WBO Executive Director-General, Yeshoshua Westover, and the CEO of BitDATA, Ken Wong, gave the welcome speech to the guests.

During the meeting, the CEO of BitDATA — Ken Wong, made a detailed introduction of the company’s core team, product function and other aspects. BitDATA has a 15-year experienced team in the field of internet and information security, with rich experiences in cryptography, trusted computing and network security theory. In addition, they possess an extremely deep understanding of high concurrency, the development of distributed system, the stock market transaction and operation of large data analysis. What’s more, the team has attracted Wall Street talents from top financial institutions, further strengthening the team’s financial expertise.

BitDATA, a new force in the industry, devotes itself to digital securities business, digital (crypto) asset exchanges and vertical blockchain media BitDATA NewsBeta). With the goal to “simplify the trade”, BitDATA provides its users with a quick and convenient platform,  with trading strategies, an investment analysis function (F10), and project research reports to assist in identifying potential investment opportunities for token investors.

Most exitingly, the launch of Aggregate Trading Platform 2.0 by BitDATA drew a strong interest from the conference guests. Through only one account, the user can trade the mainstream tokens on global exchanges at the best price and the lowest transaction fees. The other advantage of it is the operation mode: in addition to providing one-stop service, the user will be rewarded with the BDT token by trading on the BitDATA platform. Therefore, the Aggregated Trade 2.0 function injects new forces into the innovation of digital asset trading, by breaking down the walls across the main exchanges, thus realizing a win-win for everybody across applications and the industry. 

Then, BitDATA’s CSO Dr. David Yan introduced the strategic development of the company more in detail, especially about the “one-stop global digital crypto asset financial platform”.

At the meeting, BitDATA reached a strategic partnership with DDAM, allowing BitDATA users to trade the DDAM, the token of DDAM. DDAM is a flexible, secure and stable decentralized data asset management architecture to help producers and managers of all data to realize the full value of data. The DDAM technical adviser, William Yao, is of the view that the blockchain 3.0 will spread around the data sovereignty and that the data sovereignty should be defined as the right of the user to handle their own data assets. More attention is being paid to data ownership for both enterprises and individual users. Big data will enter the era of data sovereignty. How to realize the value of data in the era of data sovereignty is a strategic problem that enterprises will face in the future, and a set of decentralized data asset management architecture will be the foundation of the large-scale commercial application of blockchain for the third time.

The two companies agree to work together to fully realize their respective advantages. With the principle of “complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual promotion and development”, the two sides will try to realize a “win-win” for each other.

As one of BitDATA’s important strategic partners, GDX also provided much support to this meeting. Edward, GDX’s CEO, shared his thoughts on the compliance of digital assets from a legal perspective. Specifically, he doesn’t believe the crypto currencies with high security will make the fiat currency disappear, despite the fact that it is indeed gradually changing people’s way of life. Instead, the two systems will merge into a new financial system. Edward’s speech was followed by a grand signing ceremony between BitDATA and GDX.

KIROBO is one of the top 50 most innovative companies in Israel. The CEO of KIROBO, Asaf Naim, introduced the necessity of blockchain custodian services, and their system of custodian services. According to Asaf Naim, to deal with the security threat to digital assets, KIROBO combines the advantages of both bank custodian service and blockchain technology, to give customers controlling rights without losing the customers.

At the round table discussion chaired by BitDATA CSO Dr. David Yan, participants from different backgrounds provided their professional advices on the trends in the digital asset market.

At the end of the conference, BitDATA and GDX jointly released the “list of trustworthy exchanges”, which carried out ratings based on five dimensions of trading volume, security performance, technical strength, team composition and user activity. This list also provided users with practical data reference.

Finally, in the climax of prize draw and token air-drop, the conference was brought to a successful conclusion in New York. With a blending of Chinese and Western cultures and encouraged by the positive tone  at the conference, all the guests passionately agreed to working together to draw a blueprint for the development of the digital assets market. We also sincerely wish BitDATA can achieve a higher level, leading and creating tremendous value in the development of digital asset market!

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