The Chok Route to Perfect Skin with the Ionic Skin Perfector

November 21 21:03 2019
The Chok Route to Perfect Skin with the Ionic Skin Perfector

For many women, flawless skin means purchasing premium beauty products and then spending hours in front of the mirror. Chok Beauty decided to find an alternative solution, a more effective way of achieving that aspiration.

They looked to the Korean skin ethos of ‘chok-chok,’ which can be translated to an appearance with a moist or dewy effect. This results in a radiance that reflects light and gives a vibrant, fresh look. This healthy glow is perfect for all ages, including mature skin, due to its ability to reflect light and soften fine lines.

Research has been integral to the development of the Ionic Skin Perfector. Chok Beauty has listened to feedback from thousands of clients. They have interviewed dozens of beauty and skin experts and received reviews from numerous influencers and bloggers. Then, having listened to the needs of its clients, Chok Beauty was inspired to develop the Ionic Skin Perfector. This 3-in-1 device simplifies the skincare routine while also removing the need for multiple beauty tools. In just 2 minutes, the Ionic Skin Perfector delivers five key benefits.

Firstly, thermo infusion opens the skin’s pores resulting in enhanced absorption of skincare products. This, in turn, enables the product to reach the lower layers of the epidermis, improving the outer appearance of the skin in far less time.

Secondly, ionic generation causes the structure of the cells to soften. This means that masks and serums can achieve their maximum potential.

Light therapy, associated with the services provided in the top beauty clinics across the world, is the third feature of the Skin Perfector. Light therapy can reach deep in the pores with the ability to smooth fine lines and also has a soothing effect on conditions such as acne.

The next feature of the Skin Perfector is its EMS pulsating system. This microcurrent impulse trims and tones muscle with the benefits of a simple face workout, creating healthier and younger-looking skin.

Finally, the bristles on the Skin Perfector are made of carbon silicone. This enables them to provide a deep cleaning experience removing dirt, makeup residues, and excess sebum without having a drying effect on the skin. The silicone used within the Skin Perfector is an enhanced version of that used in the beauty and medical industries. The addition of carbon within the silicone results in a highly effective detoxifying agent for the skin.

It was equally important for Chock Beauty to ensure that all packaging of the Skin Perfector aligned with the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE). This means that plastics and other polymers have been completely removed from the packaging being used. The carton box used to package the Skin Perfector is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. This, in turn, supports their 3Rs Sustainable Policy: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

To celebrate our launch we have teamed up with BREAST CANCER UK (BCUK) to raise awareness and spread consciousness around our community. CHOK BEAUTY will bring to market an Ionic Skin Perfector Limited Edition in January 2020, where a percentage of our sales will be donated to BCUK.

We are aligning our packaging offer to the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics by reducing to ZERO the use of plastic and other polymers in our packaging. We have developed a 100% recyclable and recycled carton box to promote our 3Rs Sustainable Policy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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Chok Beauty has launched their Kickstarter campaign to enable the production run of the Skin Perfector. Backers of the project gain access to some fantastic savers with the first 25 people pledging £79 being thanked with an Ionic Skin Perfector and 3 hypoallergenic pads.

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