Ramone Sparks “Change” With New Single

November 21 21:09 2019
Ramone Sparks “Change” With New Single
New Album Out In 2020

Ramoné is capping off 2019 with his new single, “Change,” a timeless pop song that takes listeners back to the ’80s while keeping them in the present.

Written and produced by Ramoné, “Change” was inspired by a time when MTV didn’t cater to reality and music was key. The ’80s were a time and place many would love to revisit. And while they physically can’t, they can take an audible trip thanks to the pop ways of Ramoné. “Change” is the lead single from his upcoming 2020 release, ‘Art.’

“Change” has already received play on 97.1 ZHT in Utah. Frankie and Jess in the Morning introduced the track as being from a “local and talented artist.” After which it was well-received with many listeners noting that it was nostalgic yet modern. With influences that span from the ’80s to today, Ramoné presents a well-rounded sound that pulls from everywhere. Rock to R&B to dance, it’s all there and can be heard throughout his upcoming release, ‘Art.’

Those interested in adding new pop to their playlists, featuring “Change” on their site, or interviewing Ramoné can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Ramoné, visit: https://www.facebook.com/rmnewrld/


Ramoné unveils the lead single, “Change,” from his 2020 release, ‘Art.’


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