GBC Korea Launches the Long Awaited ‘MAP’ M&A Platform

November 21 21:12 2019

GBC KOREA has launched ‘MAP’, the M&A platform that utilizes blockchain technology. It also announced that it has listed UCX on the Korean Won and Ethereum markets on ProBit Global Exchange. The company stated that it established a technology infrastructure, completed domestic and international patent applications, and is collaborating with a variety of companies such as Hyosung Capital.

The advantages of MAP are transparent sharing of transaction status and process, including project proposal, funding, progress, and liquidation within the platform. Additionally, AI recognition technology digitally stores complex transaction information and provides customized recommendation services according to user needs. They have also proved their credibility with advisors from various fields, including futurist Thomas Frey, former Supreme Court Chief Choi Soo-hyun and former Vice Minister of Justice Ro Seung Myoung.

The domestic and foreign stock and cryptocurrency markets are stagnant due to the US-China trade war. MAP is the first hybrid platform to connect the two markets. A new form of investment, MAP, would Novice investors who are having a hard time investing in this market would need to keep a close eye on MAP, a new form of investing.

Lee Kyung-heon, CEO of GBC Korea stated, “Our MAP is the first application of blockchain technology in the M&A sector. Individuals would also be able to participate in global M&A deals with a small amount through MAP. We will also proceed with the acquisition of overseas companies, starting with the acquisition of Korean companies.”

A large VIP conference will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel at 9:30 AM on Friday, December 6th. There will be several key figures including government officials and financial leaders, including Google’s top rated futurist Thomas Frey, where discussions on how GBC Korea’s MAP platform will influence the future of the M&A market.

The website of GBC Korea’s MAP platform:

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