Ezz NMN anti-aging tablet is listed in Australia

December 16 15:45 2019

At the beginning of December 2019, the world’s first NMN product, EZZ anti-aging tablet, which has actually passed the Australia TGA certification, the most stringent pharmaceutical standard in the world, was officially launched.

It is reported that the drug was produced by Australia United Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Research and development of the tablet was done at the Auckland University of Technology’s Gene Research Centre in New Zealand.

As the most recent discovery of NMN product in the world, this EZZ brand NMN of anti-aging tablet uses anti-aging compound ingredients for the first time. This leads to a faster and more effective stimulation of the secretion of a rare enzyme – the anti-aging factor, NAD+ – in the body. Thus, it plays a similar role to the “Flash charging anti-aging” effect and helps more people experience the magical feeling of ending aging earlier.

The reporter learned that orally administering NMN could be an effective anti-aging intervention, and even result in “rejuvenating effects”. It has been quietly popular among the wealthy for many years. The stock god, Buffett, real estate tycoon Li Jiacheng, Pan Shiyi and others have publicly praised the magical anti-aging effects of NMN.

The Auckland University of Technology’s Gene Research Center in New Zealand has taken the lead step in the international field for NMN research by launching the world’s first compound formula NMN anti-aging tablet brand, EZZ, and obtaining the Australian Drug Administration TGA certification, becoming the world’s first approved drug standard NMN product.

Dr. Van Blyth Melline, the director of Auckland University of Technology’s Gene Research Centre in New Zealand, stated that EZZ NMN changed the shortcomings of poor absorption of the original NMN products in the human body, and successfully increased the NMN level entering the blood circulation system with composite components (formula). This completely solved the problem of a loss or decrease in the transportation of current NMN products in the body.

In addition, each component of the EZZ NMN anti-aging tablet is rich in exclusive longevity factor, cell class gold eNMN+ and other ingredients. The effective rate is doubled, it can be transported into the blood for 3 minutes, absorbed and undergo a transformation in 15 minutes. It can also be transformed into a large number of life factors NAD+ in vivo, leading to a “flash charging” effect. These functions of these components include reversing muscle atrophy, improving physical fitness, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, etc. It can repair damaged aging genes, delay aging, and prevent many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Generally speaking, it only takes 4 weeks to rejuvenate middle-aged adults and the elderly.

”The goal of Ezz is to extend human life to 150 years,” said the person in charge, “with the official listing of EZZ brand NMN anti-aging tablet, humanity has taken a big step towards the goal of immortality.”

The reporter learned that in recent years, NMN has been a huge prospect in the field of life sciences, which has constantly attracted and led to business tycoons investing heavily in it. For instance, Merck, an American newspaper tycoon, who spent more than $500 million, Google invested $2 billion in Calio, Facebook founders, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife,  who spent $3 billion, and Li Ka Shing, a real estate tycoon, who spent $25 million… they are all trying to open up the genetic code for extending human life. Analysts say that the listing of the EZZ brand NMN anti-aging tablet will win the world’s strictest Australian TGA drug standard certification in one fell swoop. It will push the NMN industry to a new level so that people can have a truly reliable “rejuvenating time machine”.

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