Shift to Clarity GmbH in Zurich Now Offers Coaching and Consulting Services in the English Language

January 09 14:27 2020
Shift to Clarity GmbH in Zurich Now Offers Coaching and Consulting Services in the English Language

Zürich With extensive experience in company education, Shift to Clarity GmbH continues to be a leader in its field with a great reputation and evidence-based results. Their prestigious company is proud to announce that their services are now also available in English, a perfect alternative for those multi-lingual or English spoken companies that wish to provide their managers or employees at all levels with the best tools to maximize their potential. 

Shift to Clarity GmbH is owned and operated by Donatus Grother, an organizational coach with vast experience as a senior communicational manager and press spokesman in the automotive industry. He also has experience as a senior consultant and head of the strategy on the agency side. He also possesses knowledge in journalism and organizational communication, as well as communication management.

“Our world is “VUCA”: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Navigating successfully during this time requires a radical rethink. What was effective yesterday can already lose its strength today. We are challenged to get fit for this time. Clarity is the power we need for that,” said the spokesperson for Shift to Clarity GmbH, regarding their constant innovation.

Shift to Clarity GmbH Coaching in Zürich offers a wide variety of services including systematic coaching for managers and teams to learn how to manage complex decision-making situations, leadership through reflection, clear communication, conflict management, and personal development. Shift to Clarity GmbH also specializes in systematic advice for leadership, and team & organizational development. In addition, they also specialize in communication advice, a service perfect for start-ups so they can have a clear business purpose and vision. 

“A strong vision gives your organization orientation. It takes on the function of rigid strategies that no longer work in our VUCA world. Awareness of the common future unites the organization on the way,” added the spokesperson, regarding the importance of a clear vision. 

Thanks to the great professionalism and effectiveness of their services, Clarity GmbH has become the trusted partner of many prestigious organizations such as Hoefliger Partners and Fraefel Partner, organized for complexity. They are also an active member of, an organization responsible for the democratization of the organization, giving employees the opportunity to take the initiative to shape culture structure and processes. 

Shift to Clarity GmbH is located at Klausstrasse 19, Zürich, Kanton Zürich 8008 CH. To find a professional Coach in Zürich, contact their team via phone at +41 79 263 08 00 or send online enquiries via email to For additional information regarding their services or to request a free quote, visit their website.

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