The Holy Valley Foundation Provides Holy Water From The Jordan River To Christians Worldwide

January 27 19:04 2020

Amman, Jordan – The Holy Valley Foundation, a registered Jordanian organization, is connecting Christians around the world with the Holy Land of Jordan. Offering holy water from the Jordan River, the site of Jesus’ baptism, Christians around the world can now have bottles of this sacred holy water delivered right to their door.

The Jordan River, mentioned several times in the Old and New Testaments, was made famous as the site of Jesus’ baptism at the hands of John the Baptist. John the Baptist, who first appeared in the city of Bethany on the far side of the Jordan River, preached his repent message and baptized people in the Jordan River and the surrounding springs. A symbol of repentance and a belief in God, baptisms of people from Jerusalem, Judea, and surrounding regions of Jordan occurred in this historic river and valley.

Today, believers from around the world seek to receive holy water from the Jordan River. The Holy Valley Foundation, a certified and accredited Jordanian organization, is proudly leading this effort to connect Christians worldwide with holy water. The holy water, a cure for the mind, body, and soul, brings refreshment to one’s spirits and emotions and is largely regarded for its healing and restorative properties.  

With affordable prices and global shipping, the Holy Valley Foundation makes it possible for anyone to experience the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of holy water. Applying holy water from the Jordan River on yourself or your loved ones, while passing the tradition and stories of the Jordan River from one generation to the next, is finally possible.

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About Holy Valley Foundation

Holy Valley Foundation, a registered, certified, and nationally accredited Jordanian organization is on a mission to connect Christians from around the world with the Holy Land of Jordan, the sacred place of Jesus’ baptism. To learn more about the Holy Valley Foundation, please visit

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