Committed To Making Difference, Texas Inmate, Timothy Strong, Prepares To Write A Book About Friendship

January 27 20:02 2020

January 27, 2020 – When Timothy Strong woke up at the hospital after a tragic car crash on November 23, 2014, in Dallas, Texas, he was not only devastated but terribly heartbroken after learning of the details of the incident. A life was lost, things fell apart, and the next few years were bound to be filled with tough moments, both emotionally for him and physically as well.

Rising with the torrent of positivity and the commitment to contribute to his generation, Timothy Strong has committed the past few months while in a Texas facility to writing a book which will both be a warning and a deep lesson about friendship and how their influence can shape a man’s future. The new book by Timothy would highlight some of the challenges he faced and friends who were part of his journey.

After hearing about the accident, I could not stop crying; I felt so remorseful. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I am deeply sorry for everything that happened, especially to the family that lost their precious loved one due to the tragic event for which I felt so remorseful,” says Timothy Strong.

Timothy is asking the social media for feedback on his challenge that calls for one million people to write to him about what friendships mean to them and how they helped shape who they have become. The book will be aimed at re-thinking, re-defining friendship, and its role in making the world great again. It will address what society thinks about “being a friend,” having others’ backs, picking your friends, and how to be a good example for friends.

Want to be a part of the challenge? You can write Timothy by following his Instagram page, which is managed by his mother to help him reach Kim Kardashian. Timothy also welcomes ideas for the book design and logo as well. There is a go fund me set up as well for this project.

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Tim Strong is inviting Society to help him write the book, for which the Challenge would be entitled “#TimStrongOneMillionFriendsChallenge”.

You may contact him by sending letters:

Timothy strong, #2073922

Jordan unit

1992 Helton Road

Pampa, Texas 79065

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