The Best Holistic Doctor In Dallas Believes His Services Can Cut Down Patient Waiting Times

February 05 01:36 2020
Dr. Francisco Quiroz, from a Holistic Medical Centre in Dallas believes his practice and services can help reduce patient waiting times. His approach is completely different from traditional doctors. Instead of spending a limited amount of time with patients and subscribing them medication that patients are not sure why they are taking them, he tackles the problem from a different direction.

Over half of Americans don’t go to the Doctor or delay visiting their Doctor due to a previous bad experience. Many of those people have said when they visit their doctor, they are given information they don’t understand and prescriptions that don’t have long-lasting results. Dr. Francisco Quiroz, from a Holistic Medical Centre in Dallas, who believe his services are cutting down patient waiting times create a holistic health experience where the patient is put first.

The Founder of Splendor of Youth Medical and Holistic Healing Dr. Francisco Quiroz approaches his patients in a different way than traditional doctors.  The best holistic doctor in Dallas, TX who has a medical degree from the prestigious Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, MX one of the highest-ranking medical schools of Latinoamerica, approaches illness in a holistic way.

Dr. Francisco Quiroz who is among the top 10-bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors in Dallas, TX, helps clients with Menopause, weight loss, Andropause, Thyroid Disease, pain management and Acne treatment to name a few.

“A traditional doctor does not have much time to spend with patients. Due to the large number of patients they must see they can only spend a limited time with each patient. A doctor without Holistic Wellness training will look through a lens of a disease to see what drug you need. I approach my patients in a different way. I look at what is the root cause of the problem and what changes need to take place to resolve that,” explained Dr. Francisco Quiroz.

Dr. Francisco Quiroz who has clients coming to see him from far and wide aims to help patients to improve their health and lifestyle instead of covering up their problems with prescribed medication. The Dallas Holistic Wellness expert said medical prescriptions are necessary, but when it comes to health needs the patient needs a holistic approach.

Holistic Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas want to empower their patients and help them to make healthy changes in their lives on a long-term basis. Since opening their doors, Dr. Francisco Quiroz has helped thousands of people to improve their health and overcome negative obstacles in their lives. Dr. Francisco Quiroz provides his clients with a better understanding of how to control their lives and how to take care of themselves.

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Splendor of Youth Medical is a leading holistic wellness center in Dallas, TX. The medical centre believes in combining alternative and traditional medicine to provide preventive care treatments to the patients. The medical specialists are dedicated to helping patients with dietary supplements, vitamins, nutritional advice, and spiritual healing.

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