Fitness Volt launches new advanced Body Fat Calculator 2.0 to calculate body fat percentage

April 03 07:46 2020
Body Fat Calculator 2.0 by Fitness Volt is a new body fat calculator that helps to calculate body fat percentage to help gauge Body Mass Index easily and fast.

Denver, CO – April 3, 2020 – Good news for those struggling to be fit and be in shape. Leading fitness and lifestyle blog has recently launched a next-gen body fat calculator that assures to help people find body fat percentage so that they can effectively map their fitness goals. Titled “Body Fat Calculator 2.0”, the calculator will enable users to check their Body Mass Index to get them an accurate idea of lean/fat mass.

In the words of the leading FitnessVolt spokesperson, every person must have a clear idea about his or her body fat percentage so that s/he knows where to make adjustments to the body composition to stay fit and healthy.

“You might have too little or too much body fat- but whatever it is, you should calculate your body fat percentage from time to time. And this is where our new advanced Body Fat Calculator 2.0 makes the job of calculation easier for you. All you would need to do here is to put certain basic details and the calculator will do the job for you in a jiffy”, explained the spokesperson.

The Fitness Volt Body Fat Calculator 2.0 is designed to perform a number of useful calculations. These include Body Fat Percentage, FBM, LBM as well as many other body fat classification parameters conveniently and quick. 

“The calculation will reveal whether you have the perfect fat percentage or you’re overweight or underweight. If you have the ideal body fat percentage, there is nothing to worry about as it means you already have a healthy weight and size. But if you are overweight or underweight, you will need to take proactive steps to reduce or add body fat to keep yourself fit and in shape. And our Body Fat Calculator 2.0 is the tool here that will help you gauge the adjustments to be made to your body composition to reach that ideal body fat percentage.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed their new Body Fat Calculator can be operated in various ways, depending on how a user prefers to measure his or her body fat. Users can use as many as 7 methods of measurement here for the calculator, ranging from Heritage BMI to Covert Bailey to US Navy to Caliper and so on. The calculator allows users to specify their genders during calculation for a more accurate analysis. 

Besides, the calculator also allows users to choose their preferred measurement unit from Imperial and Metric measurement options.

“The accuracy meter of your body fat percentage calculated will largely depend on your chosen tool of measurement. As per the experts, caliper assures the most accurate method for gauging body fat compared to measuring tape or a no-tool approach. So, if possible use caliper and let our Body Fat Calculator 2.0 do the rest to help you achieve your fitness goals.”

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