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July 02 20:27 2020
Modern technology has progressed so much that normal people find it hard to keep up with the latest trends. For this reason, Isaac Babji started his, to help regular people understand technology.

Living in this modern age has afforded people certain luxuries and amenities but at the same time, it also opened doors for exploitation. The security industry has recently seen a spike in residential homes purchasing systems aimed to ensure that their dwelling, a safe and comfortable place for them, remains secure against all manners of attack. TechShezzy has more information on this topic by clicking this link

This is the exact reason why came into being. It was created by Isaac Babji, a computer technologist expert with interest in programming and computer engineering. As technology became more and more complex with new technological innovations and advancements, Isaac realized that there is an opportunity to be had in helping guide others to navigate the complex and often confusing world of computers. In his site,, Isaac posts articles, and blogs about trending topics about the latest news in technology and gadgets. One example is a post on TechShezzy site comparing two different security systems for the home.

A recent blog that was posted on talked about the difference and similarities of a DJI Mavic 2 Drone versus Holy Stone HS720. Obviously, this topic only interests a very niche group but how Isaac put his arguments across made the complex topic of drone flying simple and easily understood. He talked about the key features that both products offer and presented answers to frequently asked questions. To end the post, he cited each product’s advantages and drawbacks, staying unbiased and factual the entire time.

Another post made on talked about wireless router – how it works and recommended products for interested buyers. Although an already permanent fixture in most homes, there are still a lot of people very confused about how wireless routers work. Some people still think it is the internet while others believe that they are inferior to wired routers. Isaac spent the time describing what a router is, how it functions, as well as the different types of router available in the market.

And another post on, Isaac talks about what a CCTV is and how it works. Although this is a very common security gadget that many homes and businesses have, many people still don’t have any clue how it works. Isaac went deep into every detail what a CCTV is, how it works, what use is it in surveillance systems. He finished the post by laying out the benefits a CCTV brings to a home or business.

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