Leading Real Estate Brokers in Litchfield Park, AZ, Confirm: Excellent Home Condition Increases Home Value And Helps Sell For More

August 04 15:22 2020

When it is time to sell a home, there are a few things that the seller should know in addition to the basics of cleaning the home.

Making sure the floors and swept and vacuumed in addition to mopping is only a part of making the home look as good as possible to a potential buyer. There are some other small things that many overlook that can make a difference.

Realtors in Litchfield Park, AZ, Matt and Shalin Caren have worked up a list of tips that help attract potential buyers to a home. These tips are nothing extraordinary but are enough to make the home a bit more appealing than another.

“Simple things like putting the toilet seats down make a huge difference. It is small, but prospective buyers do pay attention to even the smallest details in the house,” said Matt, one of the best real estate agents in Litchfield Park.

There should be as much natural light coming into the home as possible, so opening blinds to a 45 degree upward angle helps light come in but not be overwhelming. Turn on a few lights to help set the ambiance and home feel that buyers are looking for.

If the home has a pool, it should be absolutely immaculate, even in the colder months when it is not in use. Make sure the front door is clean and inviting. Take down any cobwebs or debris from around the door.

The Caren Team pride themselves on being amongst the top Litchfield Park, AZ, Realtors, and they have worked hard to help plenty of people find or sell a home in the area. Retirees, starter home and second home owners – each one has had the Caren Team to thank for their decision.

The Caren Team has a full website with properties that are coming on and off the market. Visit www.thecarenteam.com for details.

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