Therapy Spot Offers Evidence-Based Treatment To Adults And Children With Cognitive, Communication Difficulties

September 24 16:46 2020

Therapy Spot is offering effective evidence-based treatments to deal with cognitive, communication, and learning difficulties both in children and adults. These treatments are focused on observing traumatic brain injuries and structure treatment plans to assist patients coordinate their sensory organs in their journey towards healing.

By identifying underlying factors in traumatic brain injuries, Therapy Spot observes conditions such as stroke and autism to find solutions to assist their patients. Therapy Spot specializes in six distinct areas of focus in their therapy plan; Autism & ESDM, Voice, Concussion & Stroke, Speech and learning difficulties, Voice, Oral myofunctional disorders, and corporate communication and accents.

Therapy Spot offers treatment plans in autism therapy according to different age groups in children. This offers an opportunity for therapy in groups and workshops, making the child develop cognitive social skills. At the GABA school which is a specialized autism treatment designed for children with a low student to teacher ratio, children receive individualized programs according to their age and developmental levels. The GABA groups are on three levels and encompass child interactions, social nonverbal communication, and conversational skills.

Adults can now engage in the neurogenic group which offers a platform for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries which have influenced their speech and communication. Clients can now engage in workshops to learn more about individual-based treatments and essential for behavioral coaching for parents and caregivers.

Treatment at Therapy Spot begins with an assessment of the individual to assess history, communicative patterns, and cognitive skills to identify the potential contributing factors to learning difficulties. This is followed by a customized twelve-week treatment plan which merges the client’s needs and intended goals, with assessments every six to twelve weeks.

Therapy Spot spokesperson says, “We offer one on one speech therapy programs accessible to the public in our clinic or other preferred places of choice. The team-based and collaborative treatment involves the patient every step of the way. We also offer teletherapy through online and video conferencing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is just as efficient and involving as one on one clinical session.”

Therapy Spot’s therapeutic techniques are effective with personal delivery outcomes. Clients can visit the website to book a consultation and acquire additional information about treatment plans.

About Therapy Spot

With more than fourteen years of experience, Therapy Spot offers its clients accessible treatment through customized plans. The vast team of speech therapists and pathologists are trained to identify learning disorders and offer treatment through individual or group therapy. With a patient and involved team structure, clients can learn at considerable paces aided by professionals who are dedicated in their work.

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