Composer Delivers Score For This Year’s Hottest Tech

October 27 18:30 2020
Composer Delivers Score For This Year’s Hottest Tech
Hanan Townshend is the mastermind behind the music of the new iPhone 12 Pro

LOS ANGELES, California – October 27, 2020 – Composer, Hanan Townshend delivers music behind Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro.

With the release of the new iPhone, the release of Volvo’s latest luxury edition, and Google’s Pixel, Townshend establishes himself as the newest leader in the commercial music realm.

This week’s announcement of Apple’s latest and greatest phone marks a milestone for the Seattle based composer who has captured the ears of the most famous brands across the globe including American Express, Volvo, Google, and Apple among others.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of one of the greatest technological innovations in history,” says the young composer known for scoring several films for the enigmatic director, Terrence Malick. “It’s an incredible opportunity and an honor to share the excitement of the groundbreaking iPhone 12 Pro with the world, adds the music maker.

Creating the sound for the launch of Apple’s most cutting-edge devise is no easy feat, especially when the world is watching.

“This project didn’t intimidate me as much as it excited me,” says the musician candidly. “My mission was to create a score sound that mirrored Emmanuel Lubezki’s visual creation, while capturing the sophistication, creativity, and groundbreaking technology of the new iPhone.”

Recently Townshend showcased the soundtrack for The Book of Vision, a Terrence Malick production and the directorial debut of Carlo Hintermann. The film premiered at this year’s Venice International Film Critics’ Week in Italy. His esoteric and spellbinding soundtracks are quickly making fans of industry executives and fans everywhere.

The New Zealand born musician’s film credits include The Tree of Life (2011), To the Wonder (2012), Knight of Cups (2015), and The Vessel (2016).

He is currently wrapping up the soundtrack for the upcoming feature, by director Julio Quintana, On the Line. The  dramatic feature is based on the true story of Mexican orphanage Casa Hogar, which struggled to survive after Hurricane Odile hit in 2014.

The movie’s cast includes Fernanda Urrejola (Narcos: Mexico), Isaac Arellanes (AppleTV’s Ghostwriter), Nathan Arenas (Disney’s Bunk’d), Miguel Garcia, and Steve Gutierrez (Netflix’s Gentefied).

He’s also working on music for the launch of yet another commercial titan that will be released later this year.

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Hanan Townshend is an award-winning film composer based in Seattle, Washington. He was a licensee in Terrence Malick’s Palme d’Or winning film “The Tree Of Life,” where he received his first significant recognition. He has composed for numerous feature films, including Malick’s 2014 film To The Wonder and Knight Of Cups.

His sound music reflects the broad background of inspiration from which he draws – the poetic soundscapes of his home country, the eager patterns of popular music, and the refinement of classical training and studies in art composition. Because of this, he has a penchant for approaching film music from a less conventional perspective and producing clever, memorable pieces that support just as much the picturesque as they do the auditory experience.

He also donates time to various non-profit organizations that promote educational initiatives.

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