Stratton Security Offering Security Services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

October 27 21:48 2020
Stratton Security Offering Security Services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Stratton Security Tx is the leading security company in Dallas Texas
Patrol and Security Services for Hire in Dallas, Texas

Stratton Security, a certified private security company is offering trained security guards for hire in both the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas Metropolitan areas.  Those seeking security companies in Dallas can be assured that the experienced Dallas security officers focus on prevention, serving as a security company Texas can rely on. To ensure security, the company closely monitors suspicious activities, disrupting behavior, vandalism, and more. Security also includes noise control, emergency response, or client management — anything to get customers securely covered.

In today’s world, businesses and organizations often face a massive crisis in providing a safe and secure environment for their assets, employees, visitors, and tenants. The challenges come in many different types of threats such as, criminal activities, business interruption, property loss and damage, workplace violence, terrorist attacks, liability exposure, and any other issues that can threaten the safety of the corporation. If these issues are left unresolved, it can lead to thousands to millions of dollars in damages to a company and its reputation. Stratton Security saw this need in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and delivered on it.

“If you are looking for security companies in Texas, look no further,” said Mekki Bennis, President. “We believe that every customer; regardless of size or budget, deserves a professional and a high-quality security service that can offer them peace of mind. Although we have enjoyed tremendous growth and success over the years, our philosophy lies in the fact that every client deserves maximum security will always remain the same. When you know that your security system is operating at an optimal level, you will be able to focus on other more critical issues like expanding your business.”

Stratton Security is famous for being one of the best security companies in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas, providing unarmed and armed security guards that ensure the protection of lives and properties, with total dedication, commitment, and a professional approach. They also employ reliable and efficient customer service, so that every customer is treated with respect and all their needs are met, without any compromise.

The company has a professional management team that contains security guards with security, military, and law-enforcement experience. The leadership emphasizes the idea of putting those years of experience to work as they sit down to talk to clients and get to know their needs and assess their vulnerabilities. The services are customized to meet the needs of each client so that businesses can focus on building and protecting their own empire.

Stratton Security

Stratton Security is a licensed security company with over 18 years of law enforcement, 18 years of military, 15 years of private security, and 25 years of hospitality in high-level management experience. The diverse team of licensed and certified professional security officers is ready to protect and assist properties and provide private protection.

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