Eric Tristan Veszely: The Journey From A Normal Guy To A TOP-Multi Entrepreneur

October 28 17:37 2020
Eric Tristan Veszely, the co-founder of one of the most innovative and leading platforms in the field of future technologies, has developed into an extraordinary businessman, consultant, and mentor.

Eric Tristan Veszely, a young and successful entrepreneur, has managed to provide the most innovative solutions on the market to entrepreneurs and private individuals. Using strategic business partners, Veszely has been able to help others starve off dramatic economic impact during our stormy and troubling times, utilizing digitization and trending to provide the right solutions at the right time.

After his successful graduation from high school, fate led Eric to attend an event in the field of digitization, where his path changed forever. Inspired by people with years of experience in entrepreneurship, he set aside post-graduate plans and entered the marketing and advertising industry with his own company. But after the initial struggle, Eric and his business partner realized a new reality: everything is connected via the Internet. 

Overnight, an idea to create a platform where private individuals and companies could position themselves together for the future was born. Over 200 Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises were connected to this platform in the form of a smartphone app, generating new customers and attractive advertising potential. To maintain a unique selling point, the business was revised and optimized to align unique technological advantages. Teaming up with new partners, an eventual mix of innovative and lucrative technologies, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, created a new, accessible Internet where people could meet each other, acquire digital real estate, open up businesses, network with each other, and do more to drive benefits from the entire new economic system.

Meanwhile, Eric works with personalities who already created marketing concepts for companies such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and Sky Europa, and business personalities generating billions of dollars in annual sales. 

A young entrepreneur, Eric reported that his most important key to success was definitely his environment. He is 100 percent convinced that every person who is looking for a successful environment can only succeed, and he is now helping more people build their own automated and highly scalable online businesses.

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