Hollr™ is Changing How People and Businesses Connect

November 16 08:42 2020
Hollr™ is Changing How People and Businesses Connect
Hollr™ is a platform that enables instant sharing of contact information, social profiles, and links to anything through the power of Near Field Communications (NFC).

Business cards have long been the standard for exchanging contact information between people and businesses. The traditional business card has been at the top of the list of things entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals need to have to establish themselves in a new market or position. While business cards will always be a key tool for connecting, traditional business cards lack the ability to make instant connections between the giver and the receiver.

Billing itself as the modern digital business card, hollr is shifting how people and businesses connect. The hollr digital business card and NFC platform is built so that hollr users can easily add links to their contact info, social media, and content on the web. Users share a hollr profile when someone taps the users hollr NFC digital business card with the other person’s NFC enabled smartphone. The other person then gets access through the NFC exchange to the user’s hollr profile without having to download an app. The hollr NFC digital business card can be placed on the back of a user’s phone case or be placed on a display in any setting for easy access.

Hollr is powered by NFC and the user’s profile also comes with a QR Code. Since hollr users have access to both NFC and QR Codes they can share with anyone on any device. The entire exchange of the hollr NFC digital business card is contactless which is valuable in a post-COVID environment where people may be hesitant to accept physical business cards.

Once a hollr user shares their hollr profile with someone the other person can click on anything within the profile. Hollr reports, “most users go beyond adding social profiles and contact info and focus on using our custom links feature for adding links to their most valuable business assets. Like their website, bookings, sign-ups, product pages, and more…” The dynamism of the hollr NFC digital business card gives users the ability to put the focus of the profile on what they value most.

The hollr NFC digital business card is also instantly editable. Instead of having to reorder business cards for an individual when their information changes, they can simply edit their information in their hollr profile, and their hollr NFC digital business card is instantly updated and ready for sharing.

The shift away from traditional business cards is undeniable. Business considering the lack of engagement with traditional business cards, environmental concerns, costs, and how to connect in a post-COVID world are shifting to the hollr digital business card platform. Simply put, the hollr NFC digital business card is changing how people and business connect.

Learn more about the hollr NFC digital business card at https://www.gethollr.com.

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