HangFold is ready to become the next crowdfunding rockstar

March 12 12:06 2021

Despite a year filled with obstacles and new challenges, HangFold comes to the market not only as a product but as a dream.

Behind HangFold is a whole team of highly recognized professionals who have worked together to meet the final challenge, launch a crowdfunding project in Indiegogo for a new product using; knowledge, illusion and years of expertise.

HangFold was born as a solution for business travellers, but it also wants to serve as an example for a project based on a circular economy business model. 

HangFold is a patented product made out of recycled and recyclable materials and is 100% produced in the European Union (Spain) by ISO 9001-certified manufacturers ensuring the quality and sustainability of each product.

Since the beginning of the project, the team decided to build a company and product they will feel proud of.

We did not aim to make huge profit margins, but to set an example for other companies to come, and to build a business where each client feels involved and proud of the dream,” says Juan Flores, CEO at HangFold.

Considering this new business approach, the needed investment to produce and deliver the products in fair conditions has become one of the biggest challenges that HangFold faced. Thus, they’ve embarked on a crowdfunding project.

Crowdfunding is a financing method that consists of spreading your project and getting others to finance it by pre-ordering the product. 

The client buys the product through a crowdfunding platform, and if the company sells enough units, it gets the needed funding to produce and deliver it, if not, the money is returned to the client,” explains Monica Gonzalez, CCO at HangFold.

So, here is the big challenge… how to convince thousands of people to buy a  product before even being produced? 

It is all about trust,” says Antonio Membribes, Marketing Director at HangFold. “HangFold can prove that there are a company and a group of professionals behind each sentence and claims made. There is financial support behind, and HangFold has joined a world-wide recognized platform such as Indiegogo for this project.” 

Juan Flores, CEO at HangFold adds to this “It has not been easy to move ahead with a project created from scratch in the middle of a pandemic, especially with a product aimed for travellers and a business model that defies the status quo in production, financing and even materials used, however, despite all those challenges, we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo and shared this dream with our customers.

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