‘HEAT IP’ agency assists ‘Love and Destiny’ for its nomination for ‘Best Telenovela’ at the International Emmy Award

March 12 12:33 2021

Nominations for the 2020 International Emmy® Awards were announced by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in New York. The Chinese television series ‘Love and Destiny’ starring Chen Chang and Ni Ni, co-produced by Zhejiang Huace Film & Tv Co., Ltd. Corton Media, Gcoo Entertainment Company, and Eternal Love Studio is nominated for ‘Best Teleovela’ is a nominee of Best Telenovela at the International Emmy Award, with branding strategies and brand management of the series provided by ‘HEAT IP’.

The International Emmy Award is the most prestigious award in the world of television programming. There are 44 Nominees across 11 categories and 20 countries, and ‘Love and Destiny’ is the only Chinse television series which gets nominated, along with three other series from Portuguese, Argentina, and Brazil. The nomination itself is a sign of recognition and approval.

The creative team Eternal Love Studio, with its belief in creating original love stories, strive to create an oriental mythical world heavily tinted with Chinese elements to promote oriental aesthetics to the rest of the world. Invited by the Chief Producer Luyan Jiang and Li Su, Wayne Huang, the founder of ‘HEAT IP’, fulfils the role of providing branding strategies and brand management for the television series. All of them aim to stand by the philosophy of creating a dreamlike series of ‘mythical world of eternal love’, which is filled with beautiful people, beautiful love stories, and beautiful scenes. The series is also the most award-winning series in the history of Chinese telenovela, having recently won the Asian Television Award and is a nominee of the 2020 International Emmy Awards. It also reached a top 10 position in the ranking of the best Chinese telenovela on the Douban site in 2019 with a rating as high as 8.3. In the meanwhile,‘Love and Destiny’has been released in countries outside of China such as Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan, receiving positive reviews.

Director: YuFen Lin

Chief Producer: Luyan Jiang

Producer: Li Su

Branding: Wayne Huang; Yi Cheng; Ganggang Feng

Chief Stylist: Shuping Zhang

Stylist: Shijie Zhang

Visual Effects: Shaohua Li

Music: Xuan Tan

Marketing: Xuetao Chen; Qian Zhou

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