Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy Announces The Launch of Its Advanced Stem Cell Treatment For Knee Injury

April 07 22:36 2021
The team of experts at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy has stated that they have what it takes to carry out a successful knee injury treatment, especially for athletes who want fast healing and recovery from injuries

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy, one of the most reputable stem cell treatment clinics in Nevada announces its innovative stem cell treatment to help people achieve fast recovery from injuries. They offer a state-of-the-art procedure that utilizes modern biotechnology to replace, renew, and repair damaged human tissue with incredible results.

Stem cells are gaining popularity, especially among professional athletes. For example, Aaron Curry, the Las Vegas Raiders’ Linebacker injured both of his knees and then underwent stem cell treatment during his off season. Curry said the treatment was the only thing that helped him recover and without it, he may have been a lost cause.

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy was founded by the late Simong Youmans, MD who recorded a huge success with patients. The success of the stem cell injections and treatment is what encouraged her son, Blake Youmans, to carry on the work of helping people heal and live a happier and more fulfilling life. They have a team of doctors and specialists, who have many years of experience in the exciting world of stem cell treatment. The clinic’s conducive environment is clean and equipped with the best and latest medical equipment. 

In the past few years, Blake Youmans and his team have successfully treated musculoskeletal and sports injuries such as; degenerative arthritis, foot and ankle injuries, knee injuries, elbow injuries, torn ligaments, and so on. They also treat injuries in the hips, shoulder, and elbow. The success rate of these treatments is very high. They have many positive testimonials by patients whose lives had been transformed.

Stem cell treatment has many benefits including reducing pain, inflammation and minimizing post-procedural recovery. It also increases range of motion and flexibility, helps to avoid surgery, and prevents nerve damage.

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Although the cost of stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance, Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy understands the current economic situation globally and they offer their services at a more affordable price than the competition.

About Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy is a Regenerative Medicine clinic based in Nevada. The company specializes in treating joint and sports injuries, orthopedic issues, neuropathy, and diseases using stem cell procedure. They have specialists with decades of experience who use advanced non-invasive cellular therapy treatments to help patients live a life free of pain.

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