Money is not everything but everything needs money.

June 09 22:18 2021
Simply Mon-E℠ Brings a New Holistic Relationship to Money for Everyone.

Achievement of dreams, goals and life plans are contingent on finances. However, student loans, credit card debt, and mismanaged money affects millions of people, causing financial pressure and making money the #1 source of stress.

Most people are abused by money or abuse money. Money abuses poverty-stricken people as they don’t have enough money and oftentimes don’t know how to make or save effectively. Middle-class and wealthy people often abuse money, whether it’s keeping up with their neighbors or buying items without intention. The abusive relationship with money is at the core of many individual’s problems. Changing habits around money requires addressing the root causes of abusive money relationships, which often stem from people’s upbringing and current financial circumstances. As money distress grows within individuals and unhappiness settles, they eventually and unwittingly incur an emotional debt, something that leads them further into misery, affecting their health as well.

CEO and Founder of Your Savings Pro; Meru Hunter McMahon is a holistic wealth expert who guides people to live a debt-free life… emotionally, spiritually, and financially using her proprietary process called The Wealth Accelerator Method℠.

Simply Mon-E℠ is an intro-level online course ( designed to get individuals started to transform their relationship with money to reduce financial stress and increase abundance in life. This course helps to discover and develop improved personal money mentalities, habits, emotions, and goals to support one’s financial situation in general. It also empowers individuals to eliminate fear and fight around money management.

“Most money issues are generational” adds McMahon. “Our upbringing, whether it be from scarcity or excess, is the foundation of our abusive relationship with money. Our current financial circumstances build onto that foundation, though when the foundation is weak, our entire relationship with money is fragile. Simply Mon-E℠ helps build a strong foundational relationship with money.”

The Simply Mon-E℠ course includes an eight-week training with short videos and simple worksheets to plant seeds towards transforming each member’s wealth transactions. Each module addresses a specific topic while focusing on people’s money mentality, habits, and goals. Bonus videos that are included provide teachings on how to reduce stress and understand the emotions around money. The Wealth Accelerator Toolkit℠ provides ways to find hidden time and money, as well as finding areas for improvements (i.e The Instant Mon-E-Finder℠ and Hidden Mon-E Scavenger Hunt℠). An optional members only Facebook group provides a community for sharing ideas and encouragement along the way.

After finishing the course, McMahon encourages the participants to pursue a more focused action and join her Accelerate Your Mon-E℠ Group online mentoring to help individuals reach their money goals faster.

The holistic wealth expert also has a book, the “Currencies of Life,” which reveals the intricacies of The Wealth Accelerator Method℠, her widely successful program.

McMahon never stops finding ways to educate people about financial freedom. People who seek solutions for their financial woes will find answers in the holistic wealth expert’s financial programs and speaking events. When setting money goals, it is not about fitting into society’s version of life but connecting to the true life desires and values of humans from the inside out.

“Finding hidden wealth is not my job, it is my passion. I want to make a difference in this world and build long-lasting and trusted relationships with the people I meet.”

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Your Savings Pro was founded by Meru Hunter McMahon, a transformational mentor, best-selling author, speaker, visionary, and holistic wealth expert.

Written by Andy Doyle

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