How TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace Helps School Communities Resolve Conflicts

July 20 09:24 2021
How TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace Helps School Communities Resolve Conflicts

The safety and security of school communities across the country are under threat today as a result of several violent incidents in the past few years that have resulted in shocking deaths. These hostile incidents have been traumatic to numerous students who fear for themselves whenever in school, the place where they should feel safe next to their respective homes.  TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC, is attempting to restore peace and safety in school communities by teaching individuals how to resolve conflicts effectively and peacefully so that students can begin to feel secure once again. 

The company provides meaningful and inspirational speeches to groups, communities, and organizations such as corporations and schools that desire to create a peaceful climate and culture. Dr. Moseley uses effective and easy to adapt resources to improve communication skills and provide conflict resolution for her clients. Dr. Moseley has created a professional development for educators using Ericksonian Approach to Understanding Children and Adolescents. This helps them understand the psychological development of the child and the virtues that gain through life experiences. These materials were highly helpful when they were used to empower educational organizations and communities to resolve conflicts, improve the climate, culture, and communication.

Another helpful material from TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace is the book Creating Ambassador of Peace: 16 Steps to Become an Ambassador of Peace, written by the company’s founder, Dr. Theresa A. Moseley. She has worked in the field of education for 26 years and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding and improving cultures gathered from all her travels. She has lived in Sinop, Turkey, and Augsburg, Germany. She has also traveled to various places such as Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, and Canada. 

“I am a creative and innovative practitioner. I have a degree in Guidance and Counseling and Education Administration and a proven track record of improving school climates. In one year as a new principal, we decreased suspension by 55%. We also had the most improved truancy rate in the country and was highlighted on NBC News. I am a world traveler, and I’ve had lots of experiences in life that I share in the form of stories that teach lessons to individuals and provide hope and faith to all,” Dr. Moseley explained. 

In 1999, Dr. Moseley was awarded the Excellence in Education Award from the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce. In 2006, she received Prince George’s County Public Outstanding Educator Award. While she was an assistant principal at Walker Mill Middle School, the Maryland Department of Education honored her hard work with the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education Award. 

Moseley’s motivation to create TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace was due to personal experiences involving the deaths of two students while she was a principal and the senseless demise of her cousins who were murdered. Seeing the rising cases of violent acts in the community, she decided to build a brand that revolved around world peace. She searched inwardly for her real passion and purpose in life and it directed her to promote peace within communities. 

With Dr. Moseley at the helm of expanding TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace, she one day sees it expanding and creating Tereserenity Place, a safe venue where families can go for help pertaining to every member’s social-emotional needs. This way, TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace will be able to empower families to address conflicts head-on rather than brush them aside.

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