ECOM Capital Launches E-Commerce Accelerator Training Program for Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

August 02 11:57 2021
The program provides a complete “no holds barred” approach to winning in the e-commerce game.

Establishment lockdowns in the past year have caused people to venture into online businesses. Some entrepreneurs want to use the power of e-commerce to reach consumers’ growing inclination to online shopping, but they do not know how to start. A full-service e-commerce company like ECOM Capital can teach e-commerce rookies the necessary steps to start and succeed in their new venture.

ECOM Capital’s newly launched E-commerce Accelerator training is a practical program to guide new online entrepreneurs. It has the most market-leading advancements in training support with a foolproof, paint-by-numbers system. It also has algorithmic cheat sheets and downloads that make launching an e-commerce store predictable, data-driven and rapidly scalable. Training and support are a primary focus of their methodology, and they pride themselves on being at the forefront of the market with this program.

ECOM Capital promotes all staff to own their work entirely to the fullest extent of their role. They are heavily client-focused — knowing that for their company to grow, their clients’ success is also pivotal. They also promote radical transparency, continued self-improvement, play and preeminence.

The company consists of a team of e-commerce experts, including store builders, coaches, product specialists, support staff and marketers. They are key in strengthening and supporting the clients, and they all build on the company’s values.

They offer their services with three core divisions: helping people start e-commerce stores, helping people grow their stores with resources and helping investors build out a portfolio of cash-flowing e-commerce stores. Their focus on these three core services enables them to engineer the perfect combination for their clients to get up to $10,000 per month, no matter their level of experience or technical skill.

ECOM Capital is led by Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd. Ladd is a technical genius and a master in building, developing and investing in e-commerce businesses worldwide. And both have great experiences working in different niches, including marketing, sales and leadership. Their combined expertise made it possible for them to start ECOM Capital, approach entrepreneurship like no other and change the scene of e-commerce.

The company has become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce firms in Australia. It has evolved from two members to more than 100 employees from in-house to offshore talent — assembling some of the best people in the world.

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Ecom Capital is a full-service international e-commerce company that aims to change people’s lives by helping them start successful e-commerce businesses in 90 days.

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