Cong Zhao, a Supply Chain Expert: Explore the Infinite Possibilities of Technology Innovation and Development in Supply Chain

October 12 00:42 2021

In the past, before the Internet, block chain, cloud platform, artificial intelligence and other high-tech industries haven’t brought the shock transformation to various industries, Cong Zhao with forward-looking strategic vision had found high-tech can bring the infinite potential and opportunity to various industries and she had anticipated that enterprises would be promoted by high-tech industries to integrate into the global market trade with a new attitude in the future. Therefore, she firmly grasped the new opportunities that brought by the development of technology, aimed at the high-tech field of informatization and intelligence and integrated informatization and intelligent high-tech into all links of the supply chain with foresight to reduce the cycle of supply chain and improve the efficiency of enterprise production and operation.

Cong Zhao said, as an experienced practitioner in the supply chain industry, she desires the development of technological and innovation in the industry than anyone. Therefore, from early on, while serving as an executive of Huanji Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. in the front line of the supply chain, Cong Zhao insists on learning, always paying attention to the transformation and application of cutting-edge high-tech in other industries, and personally delving into the integration of high-tech and supply chain. After years of efforts, with the future demand of the industry as a guide for Cong Zhao, she has developed many innovative technological achievements in the supply chain with original contributions and technical levels that have reached the industry’s top level. Whenever each of her technological achievements appears, it can cause an uproar in the industry.Many universities and related units in the Asia-Pacific region and even Europe and the Americas, as well as well-known experts and scholars in the industry, will conduct in-depth discussions and research on the technological achievements she has developed in order to learn and understand the advanced scientific research ideas and great innovations about modeling algorithm.

As a top scientific research expert in Asia, Cong Zhao maintained a modest quality. Having faced the huge success of technological achievements, Cong Zhao has never been complacent and stagnant. She urged herself with higher standards and goals, and found a new model of supply chain through constant exploration and she also had a clearer and deeper understanding for the future development of the supply chain industry. As we know, the independent scientific research of Cong Zhao has been widely used in many industries such as medicine, food and building materials, which created excellent economic and social benefits in long-term practice and application. These feedback are excellent and she is known by many as a leader in the supply chain industry.

The innovation, breakthrough and effectiveness of Cong Zhao’s technological achievements are extremely outstanding in the industry, and her contribution to the supply chain industry is also obvious to the industry. Recent years, many industry awards that she has won are the greatest reward and affirmation for her efforts. At present, Cong Zhao has held important positions in a number of supply chain and logistics-related associations. She organized various large-scale supply chain industry events, and was often invited to deliver a speech in some important occasion with leadership. It can be said that Cong Zhao is not only a practitioner in the supply chain industry, but also a leader and promoter of the development of intelligent supply chain technology.

Now, Cong Zhao is not only expanding the scope of promotion and application of existing technologies, but also constantly innovating and developing new technological achievements to make her research career more effective to service for the industry development. She hope to set an example for her peers, lead more peers to work together for the information and intelligent development of the supply chain industry, and jointly explore the new and unlimited possibilities of the supply chain industry.

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