International Artist Armine Aghayants Shares Her Rich Creative Range, Remarkable Talent in Painting

October 13 12:06 2021
The Armenian artist’s talents and international achievements in painting and many other art forms have brought her recognition in the worldwide art scene.

Armine Aghayants is an exceptional, internationally recognized painter who has amassed great achievements in the art world. During her years inside and outside her studies in Armenia, she has met esteemed personalities in the arts and design industry who have influenced her artistic style.

Two of her major influences are famous artist Saro Galenc and Armen Bubushyan, a member of the Designers’ Union in Armenia. Galenc was Aghayants’ drawing teacher and had a huge impact on her taste and drawing skills of drawing. Bubushyan was her design and project lesson professor, and they joined in various exhibitions and projects.

In one of her earlier exhibitions, while still studying, she presented “Transforming Decorative Lamp Design with Machet,” which is a design lamp of her own design. She continued performing exhibitions in various galleries such as Dalan, Npak and Narekaci.

In 2012, she joined Premio Murano, the Murano Glass School Competition. There were 300 participants from different countries, among which the best 30 were chosen. Aghayants was part of the 30 selected artists who exhibited in Venice, Italy. The best nine were awarded medals, and Aghayants won two gold medals: Best Graphic Work and Best Idea Nominations. A Murano school glass master made a unique glass artwork from her presented drawing, and the glasswork was produced and sold worldwide by Murano Glass.

After finishing her studies, Aghayants participated in more exhibits, which led her to land projects from notable clients like 2014 Vice President Tigran Sargsyan and Esculap, which was one of the biggest medical companies in Armenia in 2016. Aghayants also participated in a 2015 photo exhibition in Paris held in Louvre Museum, and her photo was included in two books — “The Exposure Award: Animal Collection” and “The Exposure Award: The Sky Collection.”

The renowned artist continues to make a name for herself in the arts community with her excellence in painting. In 2017, she participated and presented 14 paintings at the New York Art Expo. She also participated in the San Diego Art Expo in San Diego, California.

Rick Barnett, who has extensive specialty retail expertise and a long career in the art industry, has high praises for the artist during the Art Expo. According to Barnett, Aghayants is “a talented artist with an innovative, contemporary and colorful in a unique style of Cubism and Pop.”

Anthony Hernandez, a sculptor and art consultant, has also offered his expert opinion on Aghayants’ paintings. He shares that he could feel the movement in her pieces and that passion was an extension of her. He observes that the most extraordinary part of her work is its boldness. Her choice of color palette and decision to experiment with different means of matting and framing in her images show her uniqueness.

In 2018, Aghayants won the Club for UNESCO of Art in Achaia in Paris, France, complete with a certificate and diploma. In the same year, she held a charity fair through a solo exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia. Respected individuals were present, including Armenia’s prime minister’s wife, Anna Hakobyan, the chief chairman of My Step Foundation and Lilit Makunts, Minister of Culture of Armenia.

All proceeds from Aghayants’ sold paintings during the charity were donated to My Step Foundation.

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Armine Aghayants was born in Charencavan, Armenia. She is an internationally recognized artist whose prolific arts and design background includes painting, product design, adobe illustrator and concept development.

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