Check – Chronicles of a violent salesman in a shady healthcare facility

October 13 23:00 2021
Check - Chronicles of a violent salesman in a shady healthcare facility

The mysterious story of a retired computer salesman is penned by Michael Burton, aka Michael Anderson, M.D.  

In his book, “Check“, he features Miles Norris, a retired salesman diagnosed with early dementia and a history of violent behavior. Miles is admitted to the Better Life Spa, a high-end Alzheimer’s Treatment Center, by his only son, Scott, who is hoping to achieve a healthier life for his father.

Miles Norris lost his wife to cancer. In his depression, he has also lost his will to live.  Because of his aggressive behavior, he is running out of choices for a place to live.  Having been kicked out of an assisted living center in Florida, his son Scott finds a place closer to home, enter the Better Life Spa. Though expensive, his son is ready to bear the costs.

Scott trusts the Better Life to assume the care of his aging father, not knowing that in addition to the Alzheimer treatments, they also run a dark, parallel business not related to healthcare. That’s when the story takes an unexpected twist. Miles, like the Better Life Spa, also has a hidden past, and when he awakens, a vicious contest of human chess ensues. The Better Life Spa and Miles Norris are engaged in a game with no chance for stalemate or surrender. There is only one way to end this contest, and that is checkmate.

Somebody is going to be very sorry.

Check is self-published by Michael Burton and is available on in paperback and as an audiobook.


ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 979-8743845545

Audible Release Date: May 20, 2021

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