Dermabeam Brings an Affordable and Innovative Way to Reduce Wrinkles and Acne

October 14 21:42 2021
Introducing the world’s most advanced, user-friendly, and affordable LED light therapy mask.

Dermabeam is a cordless, rechargeable, powerful, comfortable, lightweight, and portable mask that makes use of LED light therapy technology to help fight problematic skin, and best of all, it’s now available at an affordable price. Dermabeam aims to bring LED light therapy into the mainstream.

“Our goal is to be in every household, so everyone can benefit from LED light therapy. Our competitors are too expensive for the average user, so we wanted to change that.” says Takashi Yanagi, the CEO of Dermabeam.

Currently, Dermabeam offers two types of LED light therapy masks. Dermabeam Pro ($149.99) is perfect for people who want to address skin issues like wrinkles, acne, big pores, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and many more. Its 7 LED light colors – red, blue, yellow, green, purple, cyan, and white – have different wavelengths that penetrate multiple layers of the skin to improve overall complexion. The benefits of LED light therapy are scientifically backed and have been clinically proven by dermatologists.

Those who simply want to try out LED light therapy can choose the beginner-friendly Dermabeam ($119.99). It has three fundamental LED light colors, namely red, blue, and yellow. The Dermabeam Pro has a total of 115 individual LED lights, while the Dermabeam has 64.

As for the future of light therapy, world-renowned expert Dr. Michael Hamblin (former Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School) says he believes “everyone will have light therapy devices for use in multiple body parts in the near future.”

According to Yanagi who is a big believer in manifestation, his goals for the future of Dermabeam involve conducting clinical studies, appearing on Shark Tank, and selling inside Target and Walmart stores across the country. Dr. Glynis Ablon who founded the Ablon Skin Institute and Research Center says she is “excited to start clinical studies on Dermabeam’s new LED mask technology!”

Energize your skin with Dermabeam starting today. Dermabeam masks can be purchased exclusively at

About Dermabeam

Dermabeam is a family business based out of Los Angeles, California and Japan dedicated to bringing healthy skin to people all around the world. The company believes in improving people’s lives through the power of light therapy.

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