BitPixels, First Rentable NFT Pixel Project, is expected to launch on October 20th

October 16 04:12 2021
BitPixels will launch on October 20th on a 100×100 online Rentable NFT Billboard where people can advertise anything by showing pictures on their pixels.

NFT projects are still trending subjects in the blockchain industry. MekaVerse, AvexTreez and now BitPixels. Even though BitPixels brings a new perspective to the NFT marketplace, lately an NFT project called MekaVerse made $60million dollars last week and got all attention:

Lately, the NFT ecosystem is suffering from copy-cat projects. The innovative part of the industry is unfortunately not strong recently. That’s the main reason BitPixels’ rentable NFT feature draws attention from the NFT community. BitPixels is a 100×100 online NFT Billboard where people can advertise anything by showing pictures on their pixels. The most innovative part of the project is to be rentable.

We all hear people buy and sell NFTs, but never heard someone rents out their NFT or renting someone else’s NFT. BitPixels will be the first rentable NFT pixel project on blockchain. The project promises that the pixel owners will be able to rent out their pixels and make money.

Avalanche network becomes the new network for NFTs because of its fast and low fees. BitPixels consists of 10,000 NFT pixels on Avalanche and each pixel will be sold for 1 AVAX. After all pixels get sold, the market will determine the price of a pixel. The pixel owners are going to receive a 20% reflection reward as other people buy/rent out other pixels.

Since there are thousands of NFT projects lately, it is hard to distinguish quality projects. The only way to catch hidden gem NFT projects is to check out their source code. BixPixels shared their project code on Github with 100% transparency and ask other fellow developers to check it out. It is a trust sign to share all project source code openly on Github.

The most important aspect of the NFT projects is to have cool visuals. Looks like BitPixels is working on this aspect as well. The project plans to give each pixel owner an NFT visual announced here: Each pixel will have an x and y coordinate showing on the NFT visual. The exact location of the pixel will be marked with a location pin on the 100×100 online billboard table in 3D.

By sharing the source code and engaging with the community, the project gained the trust of the NFT community on social media. BitPixels has a fixed supply of 10,000 pixels and these pixels will remain on the blockchain forever which creates a fear of missing out on crypto investors. The projects like AvaxTreez and Avax Apes on Avalanche were sold out in hours on their sale dates because of their strong social media marketing. Therefore, the Avalanche NFT community is waiting to see whether BitPixels will be sold out or not during the sale date. BitPixels will start the sale on October 20th, 2021 on

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