Breaking Off the Manacles of Loveless Marriages

October 18 23:24 2021
Breaking Off the Manacles of Loveless Marriages

Living life with regrets is merely surviving and breathing as a hollow shell of a previous self. Knowing when one needs to walk away from a toxic relationship might be a hard decision requiring tremendous strength, but the liberation after escape makes up for all qualms and concerns.

In the quest to find true love, many people forget the idea of self-love, eventually forgetting themselves. The emotional and mental abuse they suffer at the hands of a “loved” one eventually drains them of every happiness while they refuse to admit they are suffocating in the relationship they are receiving nothing out of. Letting go of unhealthy relations is learned through emotional turmoil and the good sense to not repeat mistakes.

Married life for many people is nothing less than a life of shackles and ultimate resentment towards one another, leading to heartache and a depressing downward spiral because there is no one to guide them through their ordeal. Occasionally people end up making questionable life choices that further injure their self-esteem and mental health. At times like that, people need to ask themselves what they want. It might seem like a simple enough question, but it holds the weight of a lifetime of misery and bitterness that stems from ignoring their own happiness for the need to hold onto withering relationships. Accepting that feelings change and love sometimes doesn’t last is the stepping stone to healing. However, most don’t recognise it, or rather refuse to perceive it, and need to be gently steered and put on the right path.

Tanzanian writer Zahra Akberali’s new book Marriage or Mating?: Rules to a Marriage No One Told You is a similar story of a woman stuck in a one-sided love marriage, where her feelings were taken for granted and her affection neglected. The author herself reveals her story for the world to learn from, so they wouldn’t make the same mistakes she initially made and gain strength and inspiration from her journey as a survivor.

Zahra’s life was nothing short of challenging. She details all of it in the book by giving her readers an up-close and personal look into the flaws of her life where she had to become her own person with many hurdles blocking her way. Yet, she persevered. She let go of a relationship that was holding her back, despite the fear of becoming a stigmatised divorced woman. Her strong personality and ironclad will led her to becoming the best version of herself when she realised she deserved better and that she had to pave her own destiny.

She questions the notion of modern-day love and rejects the cultural and traditional ideas that a woman is expected to sacrifice her happiness in order to remain in an unhappy marriage. Zahra has written down the lessons she learned on her journey in her book to assist and motivate women stuck in loveless relationships to break off the shackles of despair and move onto bigger and better things. She encourages her readers to stand up for themselves by giving accounts of her own struggles and how she overcame them: by remaining steady and never giving up.

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