UC Merced: Offering Graduate-Level Physics Program

November 23 08:30 2021
UC Merced: Offering Graduate-Level Physics Program

Choosing to pursue a graduate degree in physics is a big commitment. A successful completion of the program could all come down to making the right decision on where to start the journey. 

Making Sure to Find the Right Fit

Graduate school is tough and finding the right program can make all the difference for successful completion. There are a few ways to stack the odds in one’s favor and ensure starting off on the right foot. Taking a good, hard look at all of the programs in a desired research field will ensure that all possible career options have been explored.

The University of California, Merced has advisers ready to answer any questions. This access to advice will also provide valuable information as to the focus of the selected program and how that focus will fit in with career goals.

Flexibility of the Program

The level of commitment the program will require is another consideration. Some programs operate on an accelerated option that allows the completion of a master’s degree within 14 months. This may work very well for someone interested in completing the program quickly but might not work out as well for students with family or other commitments. A Ph.D. normally takes about 5 years to complete.

Doing the proper groundwork beforehand will also reveal what the faculty members are working on as far as current research projects are concerned, and this information can be invaluable when considering a mentor or adviser in the chosen field of study. This relationship could lead to future research opportunities both while in school and after graduation. 

Partnering With the Right Mentor

When selecting an adviser, it’s usually a good idea to look to someone good in the interested field of study rather than someone whose views one agrees with.  Being challenged intellectually is part of both the learning and growth processes. That said, some advisers make better mentors than others, so it pays to ask around. The position of being a mentor is a valuable part of the environment at https://graduatedivision.ucmerced.edu/.

How Much Will All of This Cost?

The financial cost of attending a graduate-level program is another consideration. While grants and scholarships exist at the graduate school level, the school’s financial assistance package will probably look slightly different from the one received during an undergraduate program. For federal financial aid purposes, graduate students are automatically classified as independent students. 

This classification opens up some additional means of financing graduate school tuition and fees. While graduate students are no longer eligible for Pell Grants, many other federal programs are offered to assist students in completing their education. At UC Merced, 97% of Ph.D. students are fully funded, while master’s students are required to self-fund their education. 

The University of California, Merced is part of the University of California System. It is a research university offering degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels. For more information, contact umerced.edu. 

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