Sandy Sanchez of Exitos 94.3-fame shares pro tips on launching a successful career as on-air professional

November 23 23:42 2021
Sandy Sanchez’s expert tips will be a handy guide for aspiring voice-over artists to plan a career in the voice-over industry.

November 23, 2021 – Aspiring on-air professionals looking for a blueprint to embark on a career as a professional voice-over artist need not look further. The famous voice and face of Exitos 94.3, none other than Sandy Sanchez,  has been extremely generous to share a roster of 6 golden tips for launching a successful career in the voice-over industry.  

In an exclusive interview, Sandy shared that she is extremely passionate about her job and she wants other aspiring talents to join the bandwagon with the same enthusiasm. But she also admitted that oftentimes, aspiring voice-over artists are apprehensive to join the industry because of some unfounded myths and dilemmas- while at other times they could be clueless on how to start the journey forward. It’s such observations that inspired Sandy to come up with her pro tips.

The first tip that Sandy has for the aspiring voice-over artists is the ability to shed doubts about voice. 

“A lot of people are of the misconception that their voice isn’t good enough to be a voiceover artist. Now, please lose those fears. Over the years as a professional voice-over artist, I have learned that each voice is unique and any voice will work for the industry (provided you don’t have a speech issue). Whether you have a deep voice or childish voice or youthful voice, there are voice-over projects for every kind of voice in the industry. It’s just that you have to stop being apprehensive in the first place”, stated Sandy while talking about her tip on losing fear about voice quality.

Her next tip is about being flexible about projects in the industry. Per her statements, the voice-over industry is bustling with a wide range of projects, ranging from commercials, corporate videos, educational videos, audio books, podcasts, documentaries, and so on. As a voice-over artist,  professionals should be flexible to try out almost all kinds of projects the industry has to offer. 

“Voice-over is a field that demands constant practice. So, keep on practicing and stay updated with training to make your mark in the field.”

Sandy has also suggested the aspiring voice-over artists learn about the equipment and ambient infrastructure used in a voice-over project recording room or site. 

In the light of the modern digital lifestyle, the leading voice-over expert has suggested that aspiring professionals invest a good deal of time and thought in online marketing. Speaking on, she reminded that competition is cut-throat and a powerful digital presence is absolutely mandatory here. She has advised on uploading demos on social media pages and has also insisted on creating a professional website.  

“You have to take the help of modern promotional mediums like websites, social media profiles etc. to attain larger exposure for your work. Make sure to upload your demos regularly.” 

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