Ahmad Salmoun, one of the best, most influential and youngest musicians in Lebanon

November 29 17:40 2021
Ahmad Salmoun, one of the best, most influential and youngest musicians in Lebanon
Ahmad Salmoun, one of the best, most influential and youngest musicians in Lebanon
It is once said that talent is born not made. It’s also sad that age never hinders any dream. Being successful at very young age hints out the ambition and insistence of a dreamer. Here is the case of Ahmad Salmoun, one of the youngest and most successful Lebanese musicians.

The music industry has long been a place for rising young stars—with many of today’s top singers under 25 years old. In fact, a great deal of singers and stars come to rise long before their 20s. Even the most popular singers of the last few decades hit the scene at a young age. No matter the reason these kids get discovered so young, they’ll all be more than established artists as they pass the quarter century mark. And while some may fade away and others will only accelerate and flourish daily through their careers.

Being young in age is not anymore a barrier that hinders ones’ success in any domain. Even its much better for young beginners to flourish at a high pace and build a road of success at a very young age. When it comes to talk about young and ambitious Lebanese singers and musicians, Ahmad Salmoun’s name is spontaneously mentioned.   

Ahmad Salmoun, this name won’t be strange for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of musician. If one is far away from the world of music, he/she would not miss TV programs that also welcomed Ahmad. In 2016, Ahmad Salmoun has his first TV interview at Al Jadeed Lebanese channel, in Toni Issa’s program “Ahliye b Mhaliye”. (If one missed the episode, the whole interview is found on YouTube.)

Ahmad Salmoun started his journey by practicing on singing with Mr. Toni Al Bayea. He kept on learning every single detail from his Teacher-Toni for two years until he was completely knowledge in everything.

And in the same year, Ahmad started to be more active on Instagram and Facebook and later on TikTok. He started sharing his well-known and most listened covers. Ahmad is well-known for “shu wasea bi halak”.

Ahmad videos on Tiktoke earned millions of views in a short period of time. His eye-catching content and covers have attracted people from all over the world. With a cumulative reach of 708K followers on Tiktok and over 65K followers on Instagram, Ahmad Salmoun was able to catch the eyes of many people from different ages.

To follow up with his recents, visit his Instagram account https://Instagram.com/ahmad.salamoun or follow up with his TikTok account https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSekNpMjN/   

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