Aecho, the HR Tech Company Using Voice Technology to Assess People, Releases Aecho Hire in January

November 29 22:54 2021
Aecho provides multi-measure pre-employment & employee assessments that give deep, meaningful & actionable insights about candidates and employees.

November 29, 2021 – Aecho, the innovative HR software provider for medium and large businesses, today announced the release of its pre-employment assessment tool, Aecho Hire. The ingenious assessment is a voice-based interview that uses conversational AI to provide a comprehensive psychometric profile and actionable summary.

Aecho’s technology currently uses over 154 KPI’s to measure human complexity through voice, emotions, and content. This multi-measure approach brings together research and effective tools combined into a single solution.

“With Aecho Hire, we aim to eliminate bad hires, pinpoint the right match, and together with our upcoming product lines to become the most reliable people reader through voice,” said, Cristina Imre, CEO and Co-Founder of Aecho.

The reason to assess people is to identify the right fits, or, once they become an employee, to assess their engagement, performance, and other metrics. It’s basically gaining the right intel about people to make the right decisions and decide future actions for the company.

Despite all the promising technologies out there, turnover, disengagement, and mental health indicators are going through the roof. This shows an intriguing disconnect between booming HR tech solutions and expected positive results.

This is the angle from which Aecho started its journey developing the right solution in this space. The two co-founders, Cristina Imre & Adam Hocek, united their extensive expertise and made voice the trusted technology partner.

Voice is unique. It outperforms rating, scale, multiple-choice, text-based assessments by a wide margin. Voice also outperforms facial recognition technology and body language which require a high degree of expertise to identify clues correctly. That is why during an analyzed live voice-based conversation it’s nearly impossible to hide or fake details.

Understanding human complexity and subtleties need the right approach to reveal the true Self in an unbiased manner. This is what Aecho Hire is all about.

Having reliable insights backed by research and science with the help of AI can enable companies to make the right decisions and win a consistent edge in front of the competition.

In December Aecho Hire is undergoing a pilot program with several customers with a full version in January 2021.

Key metrics of Aecho Hire include: personality (The Big 5), top soft skills, emotional and mental health data, productivity and churn predictors, job predictors.

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