BlueWARRIOR’s Bluekey™ – Encrypted Bluetooth Locks For Security

November 29 23:21 2021

The BlueWARRIOR BlueKey™ is an encrypted electronic locking system designed with controlled access, accountability, physical security and system management in mind. BlueKey™ provides both Traffic Enclosure Locks and Padlocks. Think security, but without the access control issues of regular old padlocks or #2 Key Locks.

The BlueKey™ is a security lock system that provides users with an encrypted transportation security solution, designed to prevent a compromise in security while their assets are in transport.

The BlueKey™ System consists of 4 Parts: 1. robust encrypted locks – Traffic Enclosure Locks or Padlocks , 2. encrypted “intelligent” Bluetooth keys, 3. Free Mobile Application and 4. State-of-the-art web-based database and analysis system software.

Each key and lock cylinder has a unique encrypted ID, and each transaction is marked with ID’s and a timestamp – automatically entered into a database for easy analysis. Know exactly, who, what, and when – every key is activated, with no exceptions! Locks feature – no batteries, no wiring and no maintenance

With its advanced access control capability, it provides an automated audit trail and full control of every lock and traffic cabinet.

With BlueKey™, all access to the lock is controlled, scheduled and tracked. Always know who has opened or attempted to open which cabinets and when. The simple to read data dashboard of the intuitive web-based software shows access trends at a glance, alerting potential problems. The risk of lost keys is reduced, as they can be turned off as soon as the loss is reported. Keys can be set to only work during certain hours, or to expire on a future date.

BlueKey™ eliminates common key control issues by keeping security high even if someone loses a key.

A powerful and complete security lock for high value assets such as Traffic Control Cabinets, Flaer Cabinets and Shipping Containers

The lock itself is made of hardened stainless steel, anti-bolt cutter collars, preventing any forced access via cutting through or lock picking.

This means that every BlueKey lock is only accessible using its unique Encrypted Bluetooth Smart Key.

The Smart Key is made of 304 Stainless Steel and it is the only object that can physically open the lock it was made for.

It is fully encrypted, with data, handshake & ID encryption.

BlueWARRIOR BlueKey™ is certified IP67 Waterproof, and is designed with a built-in Rechargeable Battery, chargeable via a USB – type C Port.

The Smart Key also comes with a LED Screen, sound beeps, and LED Color Indicators for instant security status feedback.

It records both authorized and unauthorized attempts to unlock it, providing the user with real time data on the state of the padlock, accessible via the Blue CloudLock Android app and Google Chrome extension.

The Blue Cloudlock automatically transfers the encrypted access data from the Bluetooth Key to the Cyber-Blue Cloud, at the simple touch of a button.

And the best part?

The BlueKey™ security lock requires no drilling to set up, and no maintenance to use.

It only takes 5 minutes to set up, and it works like a regular padlock, aside from its powerful encryption and access control capabilities.

Today, the BlueKey™ security lock system is successfully being deployed in Power Generation and Power Distribution facilities, Military High Security facilities & Research Labs, all over the world.

Manufactured to the highest standards. Low Cost – and designed to meet NIST Security requirements for Police, Fire, Traffic & Homeland Security.

In all, the BlueWARRIOR BlueKey™ line of encrypted bluetooth padlocks utilize full encryption, hardened stainless steel, and the BlueKey™ Intelligent Key System to deliver a transportation security solution which is truly engineered for the 21st century.

Plus, each BlueKey™ lock comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects!

Visit BlueWARRIOR’s website TODAY at to check out these amazing locks!

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