The value of ETH to rise, JASMINER X4 is popular

November 29 23:33 2021

What is Ethereum 2.0? Ethereum 2.0 is also called ETH2 or “Tranquility”, which is the next major upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain. Since the birth of Ethereum, the development team has formulated four development stages for it, namely Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, and Serenity.

Relevant experts said that now is the golden opportunity for miners. After the upgrade of Ethereum to 2.0, it should not only be seen from the perspective of miners that the mining model will change from POW to POS, but also should be recognized that the reduction of transaction costs will bring about the further expansion of the Ethereum ecological scene. And the emergence of a destruction mechanism in Ethereum and the POS will occupy a large amount of circulation, all of which will push up the value of Ethereum in the future. Therefore, it is necessary for miners to realize how to obtain the maximum value during the transition from PoW to PoS and seize the golden opportunity in the transition process.

Since the beginning of this year, although Ethereum has been brewing the concept of upgrading to 2.0, the specific completion time and cycle, the official progress has not yet been clarified, causing some hesitating miners to abandon the layout of the Ethereum mining machine. As a result, the remaining mining machines will enjoy a significant increase in revenue after the decline in the computing power of the entire network. This period of time should also be part of the reason for the relatively stable computing power of Ethereum. The price of Ethereum continues to rise, and at the same time, the computing power is stable, the most direct impact on Pow miners is that the payback cycle is shortened and the daily rate of return is high.

Plant one millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn. This sentence applies not only to uncle farmers, but also to hard-working miners. In the current dazzling mining machine market, owning a good mining machine is half the battle. “If every friend who is new to the mining industry needs to plant a seed of hope and wait quietly for the harvest, then JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER, a family-friendly mining machine, is the most ideal choice.” The JASMINER brand introduced that, The features of low noise and low power consumption take care of the embarrassment that novice retail miners have nowhere to host small batch machines. Excellent rate of return allows everyone to get rid of the fate of being fooled. For many family miners, it is very worthwhile to start. his year, JASMINER X4 was born, and the problem of high power consumption and loss of computing power was avoided from the root cause in the design process. Special formula adjustments have been made from the structure design of the mining machine, the consistency of chip design, the consistency of circuit design and the consistency of process manufacturing. Compared with other platform forms, JASMINER X4 is optimizing investment product portfolio and optimizing returns, while continuing to innovate product design and mechanism.

JASMINER has always adhered to the “spot sale” mining machine market strategy, and has always been unique in the global mining machine market where futures are flooded indefinitely, and it has won the love of a large number of miners at home and abroad. Currently, JASMINER is recruiting distributors around the world to provide one-stop services such as delivery, after-sales service, and technical support. JASMINER’s direct distributors can get the policy support of the brand, and the spot supply can be delivered directly from multiple warehouses, so there is no need to worry about shipping, after-sales, and technical issues. If people have a distribution intention, please use the official website or email to contact, and timely policy adjustment support will escort people market expansion.

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