Basic Information about the usage of diamond blade

November 30 12:00 2021

A diamond saw blade is a tool used for cutting and grinding very hard, dense materials. These blades are frequently used in masonry applications, and are used to cut brick, block, concrete, and stone. They have a circular shape that allows the blade to rotate very quickly, and are available in a wide range of sizes and quality levels. A diamond saw blade may be used on demolition saws, concrete saws, or any other power tool used for cutting hard materials.

Diamond saw blades are now widely used in the processing of stone, glass, ceramics, crystals, gemstones, cast iron and other materials, as well as in the construction of houses, roads, bridges and other projects. With the continuous progress of diamond saw blade manufacturing technology and the continuous reduction of costs, applications The field is still expanding and the demand continues to increase. It has become an important part of diamond tools and is the diamond tool that consumes the most diamonds.

The production method of diamond saw blades is related to its application. Different production methods affect the application range and performance of the saw blade. At present, the compression and sintering method is mainly used to make diamond saw blades. A small number of saw blades are also produced by electroplating. The common compression and sintering method is cold pressing sintering and hot pressing sintering two main methods. Welding saw blades are divided into high-frequency welding and laser welding.

Most saw blades are designed for either wet or dry cutting. During a wet cut, water is supplied through a mechanism in the saw itself, or may be sprayed from an external source. The moisture helps to keep the saw blade from overheating, therefore extending the life of the blade and saw. Wet cutting also helps to keep noxious dust under control when working with masonry or stone. When performing a dry cut, make sure to wear a dust mask and take frequent breaks to allow the blade to cool down.

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