Global Promotion Event of “The City of Fortune & Peace, Where The Tradition of Herbal Fragrance & Doctors Has Been Passed Down for Thousands of Years”

December 03 22:30 2021

The city was first constructed in the Southern Tang Dynasty, and its culture gained popularity in the Northern Song Dynasty. That’s why it is a blessed land called Fengcheng. Here is full of nature bestows, rich in human history & civilization. Since ancient times, Taizhou has respected literature and education, and the sound of reading aloud has traversed thousands of years. Taizhou has rich cultural resources of traditional Chinese medicine, with written history of TCM for more than 1500 years, including Shangchi Fast, Taihe Hall, Zhaohaixiang Western-Style House… Till now, a number of old buildings are still preserved all over Taizhou, which are witnesses of TCM culture and charming business cards of the famous city of health, fortune and peace.

In the outer street of Xinghua Eastern City, there is a China Time-Honored Brand comparable to Beijing Tongrentang, Hangzhou Huqingyutang, Suzhou Leiyunshang, Shanghai Tonghanchuntang, etc. This old pharmacy is the Shangchi Fast, which has survived for more than 300 years without decay. When you step into it, the fragrance of herbal medicine hits your nose, and you can feel the elegant and lasting aroma of TCM culture. For hundreds of years, Shangchi Fast has secretly made many excellent drugs such as “Dingchen Pill” “Guijiasan” “Yudai Cream” “Poison-Removal Pill”, etc. In October 2013, Shangchi Fast was listed as a national cultural preservation unit.

Taihe Hall National Medical Center is located in Hanxi Street in the ancient neighborhood of Daohe in Hailing District. Visiting the center, you can see classical works of ancient TCM from different historical periods and instruments of TCM diagnosis and TCM concoction; the center also has a famous doctor’s clinic, where provincial and municipal famous TCM doctors and some invited national medical masters and national famous TCM experts would come regularly to provide quality TCM health care services. Nowadays, the “Ninety-nine and a Half Rooms” has become a special cultural card of Taizhou, which is symbiotic with the TCM culture from “Taihe Hall”.

Zhao Haixian is the author of “Dialectic of Cholera”, “Continued Dialectic Record”, “Theory of Yin and Yang and Five Elements”, “Zhao’s Secret Medicine”, etc. The Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Xinghua City is set up in the two compartments and corridors of the Zhaohaixian Western-Style House, displaying the famous TCM doctors of Xinghua and their related documents, which also have very important medical and historical values for studying the history of TCM, especially the formation and characteristics of the “Xinghua School of Medicine” in the Qing Dynasty. In 2009, Zhaohaixian Western-Style House was named as the first batch of construction units of TCM cultural propaganda and education bases in Jiangsu Province.

According to historical records, there are 536 medical clinics and 167 medical works in Taizhou’s history, including Chen Zhi of the Song Dynasty, Li Yuanjie of the Yuan Dynasty, Liu Chun of the Ming Dynasty, Yuan Fuji of the Qing Dynasty… Excellent TCM masters are numerous as the stars, shining in the long history of Taizhou’s TCM culture. In Taizhou, the “Wu Fu” of mouth, eyes, ears, body and heart are combined with the “Wu Yang” of food, water, peace, health and Zen, which together are viewed as a whole. Nowadays, 475 seniors who are elder than 100 years old are enjoying their old age here.

From October 23 to 25, 2021, the 12th China (Taizhou) International Medical Fair was held in Taizhou – China’s TCM City Exhibition and Trade Center. The theme of this year’s medical fair is “Focus on the frontier of the industry, Promote innovation and development”. More than 700 enterprises from 16 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, etc. Gathered here in Taizhou, along with domestic and foreign drugs, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, biological products, medical technology and other types of forward-looking information. Taizhou is currently building itself into China’s Pharmaceutical City with the all its efforts, and the integration of Medicine High-Tech District and Gaogang District is committed to creating a “special zone” for Taizhou’s development as the core area of China’s Pharmaceutical City.

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